A Newcomer’s Journey – Your Comprehensive Guide to Trying Cannabis for the First Time

Newcomers to cannabis often want to try different products to see what they like and how they affect them. Modern cannabis science allows consumers to get more granular when selecting cultivars for tailored effects and …

A Newcomer's Journey - Your Comprehensive Guide to Trying Cannabis for the First Time

Newcomers to cannabis often want to try different products to see what they like and how they affect them. Modern cannabis science allows consumers to get more granular when selecting cultivars for tailored effects and experiences.

Generally speaking, starting small and smoking or consuming edibles in a calm environment where your comfort level can be assessed easily is recommended. This can help mitigate the risk of overconsumption. Here are some tips moderated by an actual, breathing, pot-smoking veteran who isn’t out to give you some bad advice for fun.


Just like you wouldn’t walk into a wine shop and grab any bottle thinking they were all the same, you should approach picking out your first cannabis strain with the same precision. You’ll want a type that delivers the desired results and matches your mood. While we won’t discuss actual strains in depth, the general types they belong to are something you should know about.

  • Indica strains: These tend to have a more physical high that translates into feelings of melting into your couch or enjoying a movie night. These types of cultivars also provide pain relief and increased appetite.
  • Balanced THC/CBD strains, or 1:1 strains, offer a more manageable and less intense euphoric experience that’s perfect for novice users. The onset of the effects of these cultivars can range from 20 minutes to 30 minutes after consumption. It’s always a good idea to start slowly, take just a few puffs, and wait 10 minutes to monitor the experience. This will ensure you don’t accidentally consume too much and get too high. People commonly have this problem with edibles too.
  • Hybrid Indica & Sativa: These are strains that combine the effects of both Indica and Sativa, sometimes leaning one way or other (as there are such things as sativa-dominant hybrids and equally indica-dominant hybrids). They are the product of cross breeding, not something that would occur naturally without very long odds. But they produce some of the best smells, tastes, and highs that marijuana can provide. Breeding has become something of a sport.
  • Sativa: These are typically more of the ‘head high’ and not so much the body. There are physical effects sometimes, but generally, they don’t lend to you just sitting down doing nothing unless you’re caught in a daydream, which tends to happen. It allows you to stay engaged in many ways, but there’s a threshold, don’t go crazy on sativa thinking you’ll be able to do just everything.


Edibles need to be digested, and the high can take a while to kick in. As with smoking, it is best to start low and slow, as overdoing edibles can be a nightmare.

Most edibles have the potency marked, making it easier to understand how much to consume. The most common advice is to start with a single 2.5 to 5 mg serving of an edible and wait about two hours before eating more.

If you overeat cannabis, stay calm and drink water. The effects will fade, and it is nothing to be afraid of. Keeping track of your experience can help you learn how to use edibles safely and what kind of dosage is right for you. It is also important to remember that your smoking tolerance may not translate well to edibles. So, if you are a newcomer to cannabis, always follow the recommended dosages.


Whether you smoke or eat cannabis, it’s best to start with tiny amounts. This way, you can understand how it affects your body and mind. It also makes it easier to gauge your tolerance over time.

The effects of cannabis — ranging from relaxed and giggly to tense, anxious, or confused — vary by person and can depend on the type of cannabis consumed and other factors like the individual’s mood and previous drug use. Some first-time users might feel nothing at all.

Visiting a dispensary and talking to a budtender can also help prepare you. People at little shops like https://www.mountainanniescannabis.com/ love informing people on cannabis, and I mean that seriously. Talking about cannabis and selling it was some people’s dream job, who knew? Whatever the case, talking to someone experienced can help you stow the jitters if you’re in your head about it.

It’s essential to find a compassionate companion to accompany you on your first cannabis journey. It’s best to start with someone familiar with how cannabis works and its euphoric effects. It’s also a good idea to plan what to do if you start feeling uncomfortable or unwell, such as a phone number or address they can contact in case of an emergency.


The euphoric effects of cannabis are caused by the various cannabinoids binding to CB1 and CB2 receptors throughout your brain and body, changing how you experience your environment. This can lead to a range of experiences: Your senses may enhance or be altered, so expect music and touch to sound and feel incredible. You may also get giggly watching YouTube cat videos or start contemplating profound topics like the interconnectedness of all things (daydreaming). These are all normal!

It’s best to try cannabis for the first time in a relaxing and comfortable setting. This is thrown around a lot, but I want to be crystal. Clear your schedule (see what I did there), make sure all your responsibilities are handled, and find a place that you feel comfortable in. I’m not talking a hotel room, or a house you’ve never been to before but you’re there with a friend so it’s ok type places, I mean home, or somewhere you know very well.

It is also a good idea to have a supportive friend who can help keep you safe and ensure you don’t consume too much cannabis. Finally, it would help if you cleared your schedule of significant plans for the next several hours. This will allow you to enjoy your experience and avoid unwanted side effects. It’s also essential to prevent smoking cannabis in combination with alcohol. Cross-fading your first time is probably not going to be your best day ever.

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