Top 4 Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Mediation Attorney

A divorce can be expensive. It is essential to understand that mediation is a more cost-effective divorce method. In a litigated divorce case, attorneys are hired to fight for their client’s rights. This can cause …

Top 4 Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Mediation Attorney

A divorce can be expensive. It is essential to understand that mediation is a more cost-effective divorce method.

In a litigated divorce case, attorneys are hired to fight for their client’s rights. This can cause conflicts to arise and the process of divorce to drag on. In mediation, the focus is on respectful communication and problem-solving.

Less Stress

Divorce is a stressful time in anyone’s life. However, the process can be manageable if couples are willing to work together. Divorce mediation may be the perfect solution if you and your spouse struggle with conflict regarding parenting issues, property division, or alimony.

This option is typically less expensive, quicker, and less abrasive than traditional divorce. The mediation process allows spouses to devise a settlement agreement on all issues that must be addressed. The mediator acts as a neutral third party who facilitates discussions and helps each side understand the other’s perspective.

They can also help the couple decide how they will divide assets and debt, determine a child custody and visitation schedule, and create a legal separation agreement or marital settlement agreement.

A big reason why divorce mediation is often less abrasive than a divorce trial is that the mediation sessions are private. Everything that happens in a courtroom is part of the public record, including the settlement terms reached by the parties.

This can significantly benefit both parties, especially if their careers depend on how the public perceives the divorce settlement. In addition, most divorce mediations occur on a schedule that works for both parties. This is much faster than relying on a busy court docket, which can result in scheduling conflicts and delays.

Less Time

Many divorces are complicated, and the more issues present, the longer it will take to resolve. By hiring a Los Angeles divorce mediation attorney, couples can resolve their issues faster and avoid the long-drawn-out battles that often occur in traditional litigation.

Divorce mediation is usually much cheaper than a litigated divorce. One reason is that couples only work with one mediator rather than two divorce lawyers, cutting the number of professionals involved in half. Additionally, many mediators have a set rate and will not require a retainer upfront. Coupled with most of the divorce process being done outside of court, this can be a big cost-saving for many couples.

Mediation sessions are typically held at a time that works for both parties instead of being subject to the court’s busy docket. This allows couples to stay on schedule and prevent cases from being dragged out indefinitely as they wait for the next available date with the judge.

During mediation, attorneys help spouses focus on their children and the best interests of the family as a whole. In many cases, this can help couples reach a mutually agreeable solution far better than a judge would order them to do.

In a litigated divorce, it is not uncommon for spouses to become so focused on their own needs and desires that they cannot see how a decision will impact the other person. Often, these disputes end up in nasty legal fights that can leave both sides feeling like they have been victimized and the outcome of the case is not fair. Mediation helps couples come to a compromise that is fair for both of them and will provide a stable future for the entire family.

Although there are some situations where divorce mediation is not beneficial – for example, if a spouse is hiding assets or committing domestic abuse, a divorce mediation lawyer can point their client in the right direction. 

Less Money

If you and your spouse have decided that divorce is the best choice, it doesn’t have to turn into a full-out war. Rather than hiring two separate lawyers to represent you and your interests, hire one mediator focused on maintaining the peace and focusing on solutions that benefit both parties. This typically means a more amicable resolution of all the issues that need to be addressed and often saves time.

Mediation is also usually much cheaper than having lawyers representing you in court. This is mainly because there’s no need for multiple court dates and meetings to prepare your case for mediation sessions. Moreover, divorce mediation can be completed more quickly than litigation. This is because the attorneys aren’t spending time arguing about small details, getting emotional, or trying to win every argument in their favor.

Because there’s a much more collaborative and solution-based approach to mediation, your divorce can be completed far more quickly. And because you’re not paying both attorneys, this can mean that you’ll spend less money overall as you move through your divorce process.

The key is to choose a qualified and experienced divorce mediator. This means a mediator with experience handling cases in family law and a history of helping couples resolve their conflicts without a battle. You want someone who is empathetic and understands the human side of divorce. It’s also important to determine whether your mediator has a proven process to keep the process moving along efficiently and timely.

However, if there’s significant domestic violence or your spouse is mentally incapacitated, this can often make the mediation process impossible. It’s important to have an attorney who can provide legal advice and advocate for your safety and the best interests of any children involved.

Less Conflict

When spouses divorce, there are a lot of issues that must be resolved. These include property valuation and distribution, alimony/maintenance, child support, spousal support, retirement asset transfers, real estate transfer, and business valuation and sale.

While the traditional divorce process typically focuses on severing assets at the time of the divorce, couples may find it beneficial to retain ownership of some assets and continue to work together.

The two parties discuss these issues privately and collaboratively with a divorce mediator. Each party can focus on the future rather than fighting about the past. This reduces conflict, making it easier to settle.

Another benefit of mediation is that it is usually less expensive than a litigated divorce. Litigation requires the hiring of attorneys, which can add up quickly. Additionally, each side must make multiple court appearances, which must be scheduled around the participants’ jobs, children, and other responsibilities.

This is inconvenient and stressful. The last benefit of mediation is that it is often better for children. When spouses fight, their children are caught in the crossfire. This is stressful for the kids and can damage their emotional and mental well-being. With divorce mediation, the goal is to work toward a solution that works for everyone.

When choosing a mediator, make sure they have experience working with divorces involving the issues that your case will involve. In addition, choose a mediator who is fully invested in your success. They will be able to provide valuable insight that can help you reach an agreement that meets your needs. If you choose a mediator only concerned about the bottom line, you could spend more money in the long run.

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