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The 4th Annual
Norfolk Harvest Festival
Reawakening in Boyne City -- August, 2014
The Family
The Family of the Five Lakes is a group of individuals in the Greater Boyne area who share a love for history, specifically the Middle Ages. We enjoy getting together with others and living as people did in those times. This also provides an opportunity for fellowship and comradery, and allows us to teach others in our community what we do.
The Festival
The long and short of it - What is the Norfolk Harvest Festival, and why should I care? Well, first, our festival is a chance to bring people from all over Michigan (and even nationally) into Boyne City. It is a fun time living and learning about life from centuries ago. We enjoy putting on this event, as it incorporates period-specific music; work such as blacksmithing, weaving, spinning, and cooking; activities such as a spear throwing competition and live-action fighting; and simply a fun and interactive time for all!
The Family of the Five Lakes is proud to be a part of the Boyne community. We are a not-for-profit organization, and we thrive on the opportunity to give back to our community. As such, we have proudly used our event as an opportunity to fundraise for organizations in need of assistance, and collect food for local pantries. With that in mind, we appreciate any businesses and individuals who might be willing to click the "Donate" link above. While monetary donations are helpful, we also hold a silent auction and food drive, and could always use contributions in those endeavors as well.
Giving Back
2013 Photos
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