Will COVID-19 kill an already ailing democracy?

Guest Commentary by Mitch MacKay of East Jordan

IT’S OVER. Three-plus-years and two hundred years and many decades leading to finalizes in this brief election cycle.

There might not even be any further elections starting with this one current undergoing indeterminate flux and threat.

Helpless to stop it, the country winds itself down unto desuetude.

Many have tried to salvage and restore the fundaments which do still exist but a sense of futility has set in that defies restoration.

It’s not that hard.


Donald Trump is trying to stay out of prison.  He is willing to destroy this world to do so.

His handlers are quite in agreement because they figure with some rationale that their dynasties will carry them and theirs through any number of casualties bearing down on taxpayers on whom they thrive.

The American Revolution is defunct now, no chance of revival.  Many have tried but the foul force of ill winds is irresistible.

Trump of course is the dupe in all this but the logical useful idiot to brazenly set the placemats for the ongoing party.

And naturally the public at large wants things to return to normal, stock market, barhopping and all.  And so they will and do.

Trump can do nothing to stop the demise.

He’s incapable, something in the internal wiring gone haywire, short-circuited.  It was a perfect catch for the already long-term devious designs of legislation and lobby.  A chump with those clown credentials doesn’t come around often.  And look who he brought tagalong, the rabble of history.

The essential dialectic comes down to The Economy, emphasis intended, versus empiric science.  We can be sentimental and sensational in the all-American Way of Can-Do energy, just giterdun because that’s generally the version of America that worked so well in creating this New World.

Some say we will get through this crisis and the reality is appealing, but then come anxiety attacks of economic shortfalls of quite some magnitude which thereby corrupt some thinking patterns toward haste and deleterious risks taken because, simply put, risk sometimes pays off.

Then, risk itself becomes a talisman of global chess propensities which accorded the safety of past risks being beneficial resists further risk for sake of following the safety measures recommended by medical science.

A 3-D printer, for most salient interest, may be found even in small towns in the US and repurposed for sake of producing products such as facemask, gowns, even ventilators needed for treating hospital patients testing positive for coronavirus infection.

If such manufacturers, and hence employees, resist this motive for sake of economics and a general appeal to Make America Great Again vagaries, patriotic nuance may overpower logic as prescribed by science.

Are these stalwart citizens to be held in contemptuous ignorance?

Economic and social interaction with local surroundings may well have the deciding vote, that is, pay, perks, pensions, stock market, 401K accounting, and more which seem to be at stake should manufacturing convert to almost wartime tactics of commandeering production, damn the social distancing dictate, giterdun as heretofore.

Patriotism and energy then seem to prevail in retaining the American Way in lieu of some theory-based curative.  The future of America hangs in the balance.

At this juncture the “safe revolution” has prevailed.

Oxymoronically, Constitution and Country have joined forces with King George III.

TV wasteland advertising drones on, our basic source of facts and follies.

Senators Schumer and McConnell joust with words of proverb and pretense respectively.  Trump claims the Defense Production Act would create Nationalization of manufacturing, which in economics terms would mean stock market instability for him and his benefactors/recipients.

The public is lost betwixt consternation of how to regain carefree prosperity while staying six feet away from groups while contemplating.

By ignoring the pleas to 3-D print needed supplies America is granted the folly of patriotism by default.

Streets and halls are bare of attendance but most have TV, radio, internet, snail mail, telephone and cell phone.

We coexist alienated but in contact.

We can avow sympathy for an American past or we can bemoan the arguable need of drastic quarantine, par-tay or meditate.

Meditation and dialectical logic is not, however, the American Way which is winning the perhaps final battle against Democratic Republic in lieu of anarchic enterprise and haphazard leadership controls – which is exactly what Trump wants and needs to stay out of prison.

All felony charges against him hinge on his being reelected, these charges that could attenuate halfway round the world already.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is not asking much but it is in its absence a means toward keeping the chaotic resistance to equilibrium afloat in minds that react to such homeostatic breakdown as if their salvation.

This bodes nothing other than hidden while blatant demise of Constitution and Country.


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