Will any plan to reopen MI work?

A broad coalition of organizations today praised the Michigan House Democrats for rolling out a comprehensive plan to help rebuild and strengthen the state after the COVID-19 crisis and prepare for future public health crises. As Michiganders prepare to safely reopen the state, the “Michigan Strong: A Stronger Future Starts Today” plan will help address critical challenges, provide essential support and strengthen Michigan’s communities and democracy.

“We applaud the Michigan House Democrats for rolling out a comprehensive plan to address the challenges the COVID-19 crisis has created for mothers and residents across the state,” said Danielle Atkinson, executive director of Mothering Justice. “Expanding earned paid sick leave to cover all workers required to quarantine after contracting or being exposed to COVID-19 and restoring the state earned income tax credit to 20 percent are positive steps that will provide necessary relief to countless families across the state.”

“We commend the Michigan House Democrats for introducing a thoughtful plan to provide support and relief for small business and their workers,” said Branden Snyder, executive director Detroit Action and the Michigan Small Business Alliance. “COVID-19 has been devastating to Michigan’s small businesses, which are the backbone of the communities they operate in. Strong small businesses will play a critical role in our state’s future and this plan will help ensure they have the resources they need to weather the storm and be in a position to reopen when it’s safe to do so.”

“The COVID-19 crisis has created many challenges for Michigan’s small business community and we urge lawmakers in both parties to embrace policies that support small businesses so they can help rebuild Michigan’s struggling economy,” said Mike Shesterkin, executive director of the Southeast Michigan Sustainable Business Forum. “For far too long elected leaders have catered to large corporations instead of the small businesses that are responsible for fueling local economies. Providing resources now to help ensure they’re able to survive will reap massive benefits in the future.”

“We thank our state legislators for delivering a plan that addresses the many challenges our small business community is facing during the COVID-19 crisis,” said Hanna Schulze, interim executive director of Local First. “Small, locally owned businesses and their workers in West Michigan are struggling to gain access to financial relief that was previously available, and this plan is a step in the right direction to prioritize the people in our state that own and work for small businesses. The state of Michigan needs to continue prioritizing the resilience of our main street businesses through the recovery phase of this crisis.”

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