Waiver to feed kids during covid19 school closings


The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) announced it will request a waiver of statutory and regulatory requirements in the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), in accordance with federal U.S. Department of Agriculture guidance.

The Michigan Department of Education is requesting the waiver on behalf of all SFSP sponsors determined to be in good standing in Michigan.

MDE is seeking federal approval to waive the regulatory requirement to maintain children on site while meals are consumed during unanticipated school closures to be effective immediately.

Sponsors that participate in Unanticipated School Closure SFSP help ensure children do not experience a lapse in food security when extreme weather or other events force Michigan schools to close.

The waiver would permit any approved Unanticipated School Closure SFSP site to provide non-congregate meal service during school closures, allowing meals that children could consume off-site. These meals are available at no cost to children, and, if approved, would not require to be served in a group setting, to ensure kids receive nutritious meals while schools are temporarily closed.

Summer Food Service Program sponsors do not need to request waivers.

For questions about Michigan’s summer meals program, contact SFSP Consultant Sara Harmon at 517-241-5374 or mde-sfsp@michigan.gov.


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