Telehealth services to expand


President Trump is Expanding Telehealth Access In Response to Coronavirus

The Administration has announced it is expanding telehealth access for Medicare patients to help protect America’s seniors and high-risk individuals.

The President is directing the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to expand telehealth access for Medicare beneficiaries. Prior to this, Medicare was only able to offer telehealth services under limited circumstances. Medicare patients across the country will now be able to receive a wide range of services via telehealth.

The Administration is cutting red tape so healthcare providers can provide patients the services they need without placing them at risk.

This expansion allows Medicare patients to be evaluated, receive preventative health screenings, and other services without leaving home. Through telehealth, patients can access their doctors over the telephone or through video programs like Skype.

Telehealth services offer flexibility to Medicare recipients and provide an easy way for at-risk patients to receive services while avoiding exposure. Expanding telehealth will also relieve stress on healthcare providers, allowing them to offer services remotely so that emergency rooms and doctor’s offices are available for urgent cases.


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