Planning commission business

The Boyne City Planning Commission met Monday Feb. 17 for its regular monthly meeting.

Business up for consideration included a proposed development in the city’s industrial park and the planning department’s annual activity report. Boyne City Planning Commission members Monica Kroondyk and Rose Newton were absent.

Boyne City Planning Director Scott McPherson told planning commissioners that the city’s marijuana taskforce expects to report to the Boyne City Commission soon and then set a date to report its findings to the public.

Great Lakes Connection
McPherson reviewed the request for a 60 x 90-foot addition on the west side of the current building, after removal of the existing 1,000 sq. ft. addition, proposed for cold storage.
This proposed use is a principal allowed use, the site plan is in compliance with all ordinance requirements in regards to placement, size, height, building materials and lot coverage.
The existing driveway layout and site drainage will not be impacted nor anticipated to increase, and the existing parking currently exceeds ordinance standards, with no additional parking demands proposed.
The new structure will match the existing building.
Steve Drake, Chief Financial Officer for Great Lakes Energy, said the structure will be used for storage of construction materials for various projects they have anticipated for the next few years in the immediate area, and then surrounding areas, so it will be used long-term.
Great Lakes Connections is a fiber optics subsidiary of Great Lakes Energy.
A motion to approve the request was unanimously approved.

CIP Review
McPherson facilitated review of the city’s 2020-2025 Capital Improvement Plan.
This plan has more focus on Capital Improvements and not so much on maintenance. This officials say, makes the report more concise and complete.
Road projects were determined by the PASER ratings report (see road condition story on page 1), grants or other funding methods, and the amount of traffic.
It can be a balancing act between the size and scope and the amount of funding available.
One planner asked about seeming duplication of vehicle replacement from different years.
At different stages, vehicles are replaced due to wear and tear. For example, the squad cars are replaced at approximately 100,000 miles, the Water Wastewater and DPW work trucks and plow trucks with equipment as needed.
Staff will verify the duplication of vehicle numbers in the report with the respective department heads.
Sidewalks are assessed and updated annually for replacement.
Road maintenance is done by various methods based on assessments, such as crack and fill, slurry seal, mill and fill, and determined on the funding available.
Stripping of streets is done annually and again based on available funds.
There were questions about possible marina maintenance and having to change out electrical boxes due to the elevated lake levels.
Staff was not aware of any problems, but questions should be directed to Barb Brooks the Harbor Master.
Following board discussion, a motion was made to recommend the plan to the Boyne City Commission for adoption of the 2020-2025 Capital Improvement Plan as presented after review of possible vehicle duplications in the report by staff and various department heads.
The motion was unanimously approved.

Planning Report
McPherson reviewed the report in the agenda packet.
It is a comprehensive reporting of the department’s activities for the previous year.
Questions were asked about the status of the vacation of Balsam Place and McPherson said they are still waiting for updated parcel descriptions and signed easements.
MDEQ has some concerns about prior contamination of the Lakeview Village proposed building sites along Lake Street. So, at this point, nothing will be built there. However, Phase I of the project will begin with the expansion of sites along Park St.
They have seen some activity on the Macksey property with tax payoffs, so it may have been sold.
The previous zoning will stay with the property.
One planning commissioner asked for a refresher on the exact zoning that is attached to the land.
McPherson said that whatever new plans are developed, they will come before the planning commission, and a refresher will be done at that time.
The next regular meeting of the Boyne City Planning Commission is scheduled for 5 p.m. on Monday March 16.


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