Northern MI COVID-19 Update

The Health Department of Northwest Michigan reported four new cases yesterday in Antrim (2), Charlevoix (1), and Otsego (1) counties. Since June 1, we have reported six new cases.

Of those six cases, four individuals have been asymptomatic.

We share this information as a reminder that COVID-19 is still present in our communities, and asymptomatic individuals can still spread the virus as they do not know they have it.

When you visit local business be aware that asymptomatic individuals may not know they have the virus, and we need to continue following screening, masking, handwashing, and social distancing guidelines.

Although our COVID-19 case count has remained lower than other areas in the state, we are still actively fighting the virus in our communities and we must all continue to be vigilant. We know the last few months have not been easy.

However, each time we follow the safety precautions we are supporting local businesses in abiding by their health and safety requirements to stay open, we are keeping one another safer as we re-engage, and we are ensuring that our hospital systems can care for patients who need to be hospitalized.

“We know that with more movement in and out of our communities, and with increased access to testing, we will see more cases in our counties,” shared Dr. Meyerson, Medical Director. “By staying home when sick, washing our hands, keeping our distance, and wearing face masks, we can all help to reduce the risk of a rise in cases. Together, these health and safety precautions have powerful and impactful results in controlling the spread of COVID-19.”

As of 4 p.m. on Tuesday June 23, the Health Department of Northwest Michigan is reporting:

  • Positive COVID-19 cases in the following counties: Antrim – 15, Charlevoix – 18, Emmet – 21, Otsego – 103
  • Recovered COVID-19 cases in the following counties: Antrim – 11, Charlevoix – 13, Emmet – 19, Otsego – 90
  • Confirmed COVID-19 deaths in the following counties: Charlevoix – 2, Emmet – 2, Otsego – 10.

The State of Michigan has reported 61,630 cases and 5,864 deaths; and as of June 19, cumulative recovered cases: 49,290.

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