MacKay remembers Asian Flu of ’57

By Mitch MacKay of East Jordan


I know, because I lived there then.

Quarantine was the method of controlling it but soon we all had it anyway rendering the gymnasiums and temporary mass bunk beds futile and redundant since we might as well have stayed in our two-recruit rooms within the 4-5 barracks we occupied normally.

Close to a thousand students were affected, the whole student body.

Some 1-2 million people reportedly died worldwide then but us kids survived intact.

As usual it was a global crisis and, yes, it did come from China.

Despite the fact that we all came from different states, it was the first inkling of a worldwide view of our culture.

Our fathers had been to Japan and Europe of course but we were otherwise more concerned with the latest rock n roll release than universal affairs.

Military schools were repositories for Army brats but also served as reform schools for the more mischievous kids with 1950s time on their hands to waste, to straighten us up, mold, straighten us out, make burgeoning men out of us through discipline and hierarchy.

It wasn’t Capitalism, it was Militarism although even in the prosperous fifties inequality determined who got what and who didn’t.

Black boys were not allowed.

This I know because the summertime visitor biology teacher who came to our home to check us out told us so quite frankly with avid racial superiority confidence.

There were, however, a few recruits from south of the border.

No Asians, no American Indians, no Middle Easterners, “colored” kitchen and cleaning crews.

The whole town was infected.

Fast forward here and now this is nothing new in other words, records of plagues extend back through history ancient to modern.

Warnings were mounted in Inauguration 2017 as to the potential of crisis coming upon the US that would not be met with competence by an elected chief with no experience whatsoever in crises but for his own real estate court battles which he always managed to slip out of with money and friends via pettifogger lawyers.

There have been multiple Constitutional Crises to date with this regime but it has not turned tide of support for the prevaricator in chief, though nothing thus far has infiltrated the everyday functioning of society like this coronavirus panic which threatens to be a real pandemic.

401Ks, stock market holdings, pay, perks and pensions, jobs, entertainment, transportation, virtually all but communications are suddenly curtailed for indeterminate future.  In a rolling crash of thunder and lightning the whole world is changed from insouciance to uncertainty.

As liberal news reports, and conservative news begrudgingly sloughs over, the parties that supposedly are expected to take responsibility for such mishaps and miscalculations are not doing so, flat-out denying in fact.

We have it on video that the immediate reaction to a virus outbreak was a “hoax” reiterated by the unschooled as matter-of-fact.

Blaming the Chinese is a scapegoat but with all the records available about past influenzas and pandemics there is zero excuse for denial as to potential of another widespread pandemonium.

Now it appears to be upon us.  The underlying gist, however, rests firmly upon the American public to discern exactly how to perceive this failure to act responsibly.

Perhaps coronavirus will have to hit families in denial personally before some acknowledgment is cogitated while having to stay home to feed the kids on school break.

Nothing like firsthand knowledge.

If parents contract virus from kids sent home who may carry but are not affected, blame will obtusely fall on the administration calling for shutdowns.

Like my military school, quarantine only goes so far, yet there is no other known method of stopping contagion.

1957 was a long time ago but stakes remain the same.

The Trump administration disbanded the entire crew of physicians and staff in place to monitor pandemic outbreaks; is this not irresponsibility?

There is also a failure to live up to Constitutional premise of governing as per oath of office.

Congress and Court have in bare majority refused to curtail unconstitutional misbehavior.

There are enough clauses in the Writ to expel this regime out of hand, without revolutionary action but merely following Articles and Amendments.

It may seem incredulous to find even temporary denial of the country’s founding Writ for sake of profit and passing the buck.

It took maybe a week or so to get back to normal in Staunton, Virginia.  Death Camp Liberator General Eisenhower was President.

The current resident in Washington DC is phenomenally incapable of responsibility.

Congress, Court and Public can arise, with media consortium, to oust this administration which has failed so miserably at all ultracrepidarian attempts to undermine this Democratic Republic by exploiting man’s lower nature.

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