Looking on the bright side

By Chris Faulknor, Publisher

The cancellations of pretty much everything over the past few months have been difficult.
Our Memorial Day celebration lacked a parade. The Polish Festival, while usually next month, is no more. Stroll the Streets went by the wayside. The crown jewel, of course, was our fourth of July.
There was no running race, raft race, grand parade, soapbox derby, games in the park, fireworks, or pancake breakfast.
At first, frankly, I was devastated.
In addition to being a great set of photos for Boyne City Gazette, it was always a big day for my family. We would always start early in the morning taking photos of the running race and have breakfast together.
The day would continue nonstop as they joined me for photos throughout the day.
I dreaded it as it approached each year knowing that I would be exhausted at the end. But, in the end, we all loved it because we all took it on together.
Yes, I was devastated, but there is always a silver lining.
We didn’t have our pancakes at the Eagles, but we did all enjoy dinner together.
No, there wasn’t a parade, but we played games around the house.
We didn’t watch a running race, but we had a relay in the back yard.
The fireworks, well, I damn near blew my hand off with a bottle rocket, but we got our fireworks.
This has been tough on everyone, but we need to remember what we’re celebrating and find something that can keep our spirits alive until life returns to normal.
Memorial Day was still a day of remembrance for our fallen soldiers—whether we did so while walking down the street with a parade or in our private thoughts.
Our Independence Day was less about celebrating as a community and more about enjoying our families.
Yes, it was different. Yes, we missed what we’ve had every other year. But, we’re finding ourselves with little choice but to make the best of what we have.
So, don’t let the cancellations ruin your summer and fall.
Don’t let a virus take away your fun and family time.
Keep your spirits high and enjoy the festivities in your own way.
Personally, I’m ready for that first weekend in August.
Being from a Polish family, I’m sure we’ll be making pierogi with my mother.
We’ve gotten through everything over the years as a community because we care for one another.
Now, we need to keep each other going through a summer when we are seeing far less of each other.
Stay strong, find the silver lining, and remember that it can’t possibly last forever.

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