Long-time local official steps down

Lasater Retiring from County Board
This letter from Charlevoix County Commissioner George T. Lasater (R-District 1) announcing his retirement from the board was also sent to Charlevoix County Commission Chairman Chris Christensen (R-District 2).
Please accept this correspondence as a letter of intent for my retirement from the county board of commissioners.
After serving the citizens of Charlevoix County for over 50 years, in various positions,I have decided to retire.
The positions I have held are as follows:
• Boyne City Elementary School teacher.
• Boyne City JV football coach.
• Intermediate School District school counselor.
These three positions held for 10 years.
• Charlevoix County Sheriff Office marine deputy for 6 years.
• Charlevoix County Sheriff Office part-time deputy sheriff for 2 years.
• Charlevoix County Sheriff for 32 years.
• Charlevoix County Commissioner for 6 years.
Totaling 56 years of service to the citizens of Charlevoix County.
I will never regret serving the citizens of Charlevoix County and meeting the challenges especially as Sheriff dealing with crimes and emergencies.
I personally tried hard to protect and serve the citizens of Charlevoix County from helping children who were victims of crimes, such as sexual assaults, to accepting the responsibility of notifying families personally who lost members of their family in a tragic accident or emergency.
This was the hardest responsibility and I had to notify over 100 families of the death of a member of their family.
I will never regret serving the citizens of Charlevoix County and was honored to meet the challenges while serving as Sheriff and County Commissioner.
I feel that I am not currently meeting the challenges and needs as a County Commissioner and it is time for me to retire as a representative of the citizens of Charlevoix County.
On the positive outlook I’ll be leaving family members to carry on the Lasater name: George Robert, Thomas George, Amii Elizabeth, Luke Thomas, Jillian and Nikolas.
In summary of my letter of retirement I have to be totally honest and recognize that I would not have been successful for 50 plus years without the support of citizens and officers of the Sheriff’s Office such as: Byron Stockwell, Mike Wheat, Debbie Storm, Bill Cousineau, Roger Moses, Chuck Vondra, Corrine Russell, Marci Murdick, Pat and Sirri Avery, Dick Gallant, Rick Baker, Rex Behling, David Kurchinski, Rick Vanloo, David Burris, Chief Talboys, Michelle Oom, Regina Ellenberger, David Beyer, Bob Tripp, Oral Sutliff, Shari Hoffbauer, and Joe Hammond.
George Thomas Lasater
Bay Township

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