LETTERS – Unfair disclaimer?

Regarding the editor’s note that was included with my letter as published in the 5/26/20 issue of the Boyne City Gazette:
It seems that you did the same thing I did.
That is we both stated opinion, but your opinion was intended to fact check my opinion, and that is somewhat troubling.
Fact checking opinion?
With another opinion?
I wish you would have parsed my claims because I honestly do not know which you consider to be spurious.
I wish that you had made that effort instead of making unsubstantiated claims that my assertions are unproven and fringe.
The tone of your editor’s note seems to be one of dismissal and condescension, which is even more shocking now that you have given my letter a headline on your website, boynegazette.com, equating my researched and thought out opinion with some sort of wild conspiracy theory.
Your headline “LETTERS – Is C-19 a communist plot?” is disingenuous and misrepresents my premise.
I could be mistaken. Perhaps I have misunderstood and you were being honest, fair and forthright.
I hope so, and if that is the case I offer my sincere apology here and now. However this plays out, I hope that you will publish this letter and provide your reply.
Chet Falkowski
Boyne City

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