LETTERS: Oppose Boyne City schools bond request

Vote No on Boyne City School District Bond Request

On May 5, 2020 the voters in Boyne City will have the opportunity to vote Yes or No on a $30 million school bond.

Proceeds from the issuance of school bonds should only be used for absolute necessities or contribute to furthering educational excellence.

In my opinion, any other use of school bond proceeds is neither appropriate nor reasonable.

At issue is the addition of a Field House and Connector which will cost approximately $15 million dollars.

Does this project enhance the quality of education within Boyne City?

The school board and our superintendent are justifying these additions with the rationale that there would not be a tax increase to homeowners because existing bond mileages are expiring.

In absence of this unwarranted bond request, taxes would go down.

So, is this really a “no-cost” millage request or a justification to continue spending taxpayer monies on more unnecessary facilities?

Vote No on the Boyne City School District request.

Carl H. VanDomelen

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