LETTERS – Is C-19 a communist plot?

Editor’s note—the following letter contains a number of assertions-as-fact which have yet to be proven and/or are not widely held. However, rather than parse every claim by the author, Boyne City Gazette has given him the opportunity to share his opinions on the matter.
History shows that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has very little respect for human life and disdains any and all who would dare to disagree with party dogma.
They are willing to kill millions, and have, even of their own citizens, to further their control.
With that in mind, let’s take a moment to consider the behavior of the Chinese Communist Party related to the current COVID 19 crisis.
Whether or not the release of the corona virus from the Wuhan lab was a staged event or an accident doesn’t matter to this argument; it happened.
Once it occurred, the Chinese Communist Party actively sought to undermine the stability of America and the world.
By allowing infected Chinese citizens to travel around the world, at the same time denying them access to domestic travel, the Chinese Communist Party knowingly spread the virus around the world.
That, in and of itself, is an act of war.
Very early, before the CCP acknowledged the seriousness of the disease, they sought to buy up any and all PPE they could get their hands on around the world.
Overnight they went from a net exporter to a net importer.
Italy came to the aid of China by donating PPE supplies.
Then when COVID became extreme in Italy, the Chinese Communist Party shipped PPE supplies back to Italy, but made them pay for them.
The Chinese Communist Party has also been accused of sending defective PPE and test kits to various countries, including Italy, Spain, England, Iran, Canada, and America.
The act of sending defective supplies is itself a hostile act, but the Chinese Communist Party went even further; they charged greatly inflated prices.
The Chinese Communist Party influence is now being recognized at all levels of media, entertainment, sports, academia, and most importantly, government.
Many examples exist from Sen. Diane Feinstein -D, CA, to LeBron James and the NBA.
From Google and Apple et al, to Harvard, Yale and most American universities, to major media whores taking orders from their Chinese Communist Party pimps.
Why would they need such PR effort? Why so intent on changing the narrative? Why would they want to influence American academia?
Why would they want to control society? Why plant a spy in Senator Feinstein’s staff? Why such desire to corrupt western media, and why are they succeeding? Why would the NBA and its stars defend such an openly racist regime?
And as an aside: When does greed and narcissism become traitorous?
Control of the World Health Organization via the communist thug Tedros—infamous for covering up cholera epidemics in his home country—enabled the Chinese Communist Party to cover up, at least temporarily, the scope and seriousness of this pandemic. It also provided cover while they bought up all the PPE they could get their hands on from America and Europe causing severe shortages, allowing time for COVID 19 to spread around the globe.
The west has recently awakened to the security threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party with their expansionist activities related to their “Belt and Road” doctrine.
The infiltration of Chinese Communist Party owned/backed/controlled tech companies into western societies and governments along with the bullying tactics of “debt diplomacy” used to control developing nations, lays bare the totalitarian intent of global domination by the Chinese Communist Party.
Now a most troubling action.
The Chinese Communist Party is openly and brazenly targeting various state and federal elected officials. This is rightfully seen as aggressive hostile action bringing the world closer to hostile actions.
Most nations, including America, will forcefully defend their national sovereignty when pushed.
We all have limits.
One only has to look to Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and others to see how treacherous the Chinese Communist Party is with their vision of global domination, and how they are the most despised regime on the face of the earth.
Facing a receding economy, stiff tariffs, and an increasingly dissatisfied populace, the Chinese Communist Party faces the prospect of being ostracized by much of the world.
The nearly universal condemnation of the Chinese Communist Party will help to contain their response, although we should expect continued hostile actions toward all nations. The Chinese Communist Party found itself in quite a tough spot. The corona virus would greatly weaken their ability to control China, and thus the world.
The corona virus was the catalyst to act—remember, “never let a crisis go to waste,” as we are often reminded by the various factions seeking to usurp our freedoms.
We cannot allow them to succeed.
Chet Falkowski
Boyne City

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