LETTERS – In-person voting more secure

I am writing in response to the letter to the editor printed on May 13, 2020 entitled “Safe Voting Solutions?”
I wonder if the innumerable men and women who have served courageously in the military defending our freedoms and rights would agree with these so-called solutions.
They are an insult to the intellect and to rational thought.
Corruption and fraud are penetrating foes to freedom, capable of corrupting mail-in-ballots.
Who is checking voter legitimacy?
Additionally, online hacking, fraud and bias plague us daily. Voting online would be like voting blindfolded!
Conversely, the polling practice of showing up, doing our part, proving we are whom our identification claims, and our living bodies exemplifies, casting our votes with privacy and protection, then departing with expectancy and hope tells the priceless story of freedom.
There is a legitimate place for mail-in ballots, and one day I may be in need of that option.
But, until that day, I will continue to cross the threshold of the polling place with courage and tenacity—a small price to pay indeed!
Our freedom and rights are like muscles: if we do not exercise them, weakness ensues, leaving us vulnerable to atrophy.
Linda Kadlec
Boyne City

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