LETTERS – COVID scofflaws endanger us all

An open letter to the Quarantine Protesters
Nobody would disagree that it’s important for us to get back to work. Everybody wants that.
Under the First Amendment to the Constitution, we all have the right to free speech and peaceful assembly.
That is a precious thing.
We were taught in kindergarten that our decisions and actions have consequences, so here’s the thing—you made the decision to gather in what medical experts described as a high-risk situation to express your opinions.
That’s your right.
But, when you contract the corona virus because of your decision to ignore the experts, do this:
• Don’t call first-responders
• Don’t go to the emergency room
• Don’t waste the time and resources of the heroic men and women who go into high-risk situations everyday to try and save those who have contracted this horrific disease through no fault of their own.
You chose this.
Accept the consequences and let evolution do its work as it removes you from the gene pool.
Tragically, you will likely take innocent people with you.
Paul Ferris
Boyne City

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