LETTERS – Concern for Boyne City

Our City
Editor’s note: This letter was sent to Boyne City Manager Michael Cain by a concerned resident.
I have been a resident of Northern Michigan for 58 years and have lived in Boyne City since 2002.
I see you around town in the summer but usually am not opinionated or feel the need to discuss anything unless asked.
I am deeply concerned about the Coronavirus issues and our Governor’s reactions to them.
I understand how local economies work and what it takes for many small businesses to survive the long and expensive winters.
Our governor has been harsh on the smaller businesses and has not been thoughtful of the commerce in Northern Michigan, both here and especially the Upper Peninsula.
There has been a handful of businesses and local governments in the state who have decided to place the power in the hands of the business owners aside from what our governor suggests.
I would like to recommend that our small-town economy reopens as quick as possible, and definitely by end of May with safety and
restrictions in mind based on local business experience.
We are surrounded by intelligent business owners.
Constant updates on the virus based on medical professionals and those who I am surrounded by says this is not the virus that is not going to change our lives.
Our governor needs to treat the greater parts of Michigan different than the Detroit area and if she doesn’t understand, we should excuse her from her governing our parts of the state.
I am sure the local city enforcement group would support this as much as anyone.
Please encourage our city to reopen June 1st and send a letter to our governor letting her know our expectations if she decides to cripple our economy further.
Nearly all local businesses will support you at this point!
Please consider and hold steady.
See you on the streets this summer.
Barry and Lisa Maginity
Boyne City

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