LETTERS – Bergman supports police

Bergman supports police
(From Rep. Bergman’s Week in Review newsletter)
Last week, I cosponsored the JUSTICE Act, introduced in the House by my friend, retired Police Lieutenant, Rep. Pete Stauber.
The Senate version of this legislation was introduced by Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina.
In this time of national uncertainty, we have a unique opportunity to rise above politics and pass meaningful legislation to ensure accountability, proper resources and funding for training, and equality and justice for all Americans.
This legislation offers real solutions to increase transparency, accountability, and performance so our nation’s law enforcement officers are better prepared to protect and care for the communities they serve.
Unfortunately, this week the House Democrats brought to the Floor the “Justice in Policing Act,” which was written with zero bipartisan input and has no chance of being signed into law.
The people of the First District expect better from their elected officials.
America is a nation of law and order.
We can fully support our law enforcement officers while demanding greater accountability and justice for all Americans.
I will never support calls to defund or undermine the brave men and women in law enforcement who make incredible sacrifices to keep our communities safe.
It’s time Congress reflects the will of the people—support our law enforcement and provide real solutions to the issues affecting our communities.
Congressman Jack Bergman,
Michigan First District

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