In Boyne and beyond, we can do better

By Chris Faulknor, Publisher

Civility is something that’s missing in many facets of our culture.

Our society has become quick to divide on almost any issue.

Locally, we’ve seen people at each other’s throats numerous times in the past decade.

My first city commission meeting over ten years ago resulted in a fight over trees in Old City Park.


The debacle over Kirtland Products caused a rift in our town that lasted for months.

A fight over fluoride in (or out of) our water led to shouting matches among professionals.

It’s everywhere.

Now, I try not to get into national politics.

I find it tiresome and annoying.

I’ll also add, before I begin, that I’m not personally a fan of President Trump.

I find him to be egotistical and keep waiting for him to drag his knuckles as we walks and the day they take away his Twitter account will likely be celebrated on both sides of the aisle.

But, having said that, I had the opportunity to watch Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tear up her copy of Trump’s State of the Union speech.

I watched her pick it up, look at the audience with a smug expression on her face, tear it in half, and put them into a stack.

All I have to say is, “seriously?”

It was an attention-getting stunt and, unfortunately, it worked.

It was childish, and it reminded me of my toddler at home.

I took something away from him the other day and he promptly walked over to my laptop and shut the lid, and as he did it, he made the same “Ha! I win!” look on his face that I saw our Speaker of the House—a supposed adult, mind you—make as she tore through that speech.

Really, people on both sides of the political aisle should be ashamed.

Republicans should really stop calling the Democrats “libtards” and acting like their views on gun control make them wimps.

You folks know that, while you disagree, the Democrats have valid reasons for their views and that none of this stems from a lack of testicular fortitude.

Democrats, we’re tired of hearing that the president’s skin has a hue that could almost be described as “orange,” and nobody should think that his son’s grades or school performance are on the table for scrutiny.

You’re all looking for cheap entertainment and approaching politics like middle school children approach the playground.

We’re in a society where one side starts throwing sand and then a kid on the other side picks up a rock.

One car windshield and a concussion later and we’re no better than cavemen.

We see your memes on Facebook, don’t worry.

I saw Nancy Pelosi’s face with a photo meant to represent someone’s anal opening superimposed with a caption about her forgetting to put on makeup.

I also saw numerous political jokes involving Donald Trump and whichever country overseas he is or is not colluding with.

Grow up, people!

Come on, we’re better than this!

If you don’t like someone’s foreign policy, just say that.

If you don’t enjoy the comment someone made at the microphone, just say that.

If you just don’t like the person at all but respect their views (or vice versa), then hide and don’t tell anyone, because clearly civility has no place in our society.

One more thing: attempting to associate modern day political parties with slavery and women’s suffrage?

Things that happened before most of the players in this game were even alive?

It needs to change and it needs to start here.

Stop with the childishness and grow up.

Debate actual issues rather than spewing hatred.

Discuss important things over coffee and quit throwing verbal feces at each other like primates.

Next time there is a contentious issue in town, we need to do better.

We need to model what we expect in our national politicians right here at home.

We must rise up and reach to become better than who and what we have been.

Only then will humanity see the light and evolve to better versions of itself.


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