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Information will be shared and comments will be taken regarding the proposed 2020–2024 Charlevoix County Parks & Recreation Plan.

People interested in the future of Charlevoix County’s parks and recreation amenities, management, and costs are invited to attend a public hearing at 6 p.m. on Wednesday Jan. 22 in the commissioner room at the Charlevoix County Building, located at 203 Antrim St. in Charlevoix.

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Information will be shared and comments will be taken regarding the proposed 2020–2024 Charlevoix County Parks & Recreation Plan.

“In 2019, Charlevoix County completed an update to the 2015 Parks & Recreation Plan, with final adoption in 2020,” it states in the proposed plan’s summary. “The new Parks & Recreation Plan is valid through the end of 2024. The purpose of keeping the Parks & Recreation Plan current is to keep up with current trends and to plan for the future. The approved plan also allows the county to be eligible for grant funding through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.”

The plan is intended to provide the county with a guide for parks and recreation needs and proposed improvements to Charlevoix County’s 520 acres of parkland for the next five years.

The county’s parks are comprised of Whiting Park, Thumb Lake Park, Porter Creek Natural Area and three parcels on Beaver Island.

The county also has 14.4 miles of non-motorized trails to operate and maintain—this includes 7.5 miles of the Little Traverse Wheelway and 6.9 miles of the Boyne City to Charlevoix Trail.

In total, there are approximately 56,714 acres of state land, preserves, public and private parks and facilities in Charlevoix County.

According to the plan, the Charlevoix County Parks Committee and the Planning Commission met on a regular basis throughout the process.

There have been three community input sessions to give people opportunities to express opinions regarding the parks and recreation system. An online survey was also developed and distributed. More than 250 people participated throughout the process.

Goals and objectives were developed based on public input.

According to the proposed report, the goals reflect the vision the community desires to achieve in the long term

“After a summary of input results were compiled, the county acknowledged the fact that the public would like to focus on updating existing facilities and amenities before venturing into new territory,” it states in the report. “The county is well aware of the importance of completing the Boyne City to Charlevoix Non-motorized Trail and making improvements to the Whiting Park campground.”

According to the proposed plan’s narrative, the county was diligent throughout the planning process and careful consideration was given to each section of the plan.

The draft plan is available for review on the County website www.charlevoixcounty.org and at the Parks & Planning Department, Charlevoix County Building, 301 State St. in Charlevoix.

Parks & Recreation Plan DRAFT 12-05-19

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