Health Dept. update on Gaylord Medilodge

The Health Department of Northwest Michigan just released this update on Medilodge of Gaylord:

Medilodge of Gaylord, like many long-term care providers throughout the nation, is battling the COVID-19 pandemic, caring for positively tested residents as well as our remarkable employees.

In serving the needs of our community, we prepared in advance for the outbreak knowing that we would need to address the needs of residents in the recovery cycle of the disease process.

We are following all of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines, while maintaining regular communication with the Health Department of Northwest Michigan.

From the beginning we have partnered with the Health Department to advocate for more testing.

The facility has the necessary supplies and personal protective equipment.

We are extremely proud of our professional and dedicated staff that stepped up to meet this challenge head on and has not shied away from meeting the needs of the residents during this pandemic.

Medilodge of Gaylord is also proud to specialize in respiratory care with Respiratory Therapists and nursing staff specifically trained and dedicated to address the respiratory health issues certain residents have; something that is rather unique in the long term care setting and recognized by the State of Michigan.

“Residents in long-term care facilities are not regularly out and about or traveling, for this reason we know there is community-based spread. We hope to utilize testing instruments we now have to quickly test residents and employees, so we are able to find cases earlier and react quicker,” shared Josh Meyerson, Medical Director of the Health Department of Northwest Michigan. “This further highlights the actions we need to take individually, and together as a community, to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to protect each other and especially those most vulnerable to the disease like those in a nursing home.”

Due to the state ordered restrictions on visitors, which we understand can be frustrating for our residents and their families, we have employed Facility Support Advocates.

These individuals are dedicated to supporting to residents, which includes assisting with video chats with their families, and any additional ways we can help them.

While we cannot get into specific details due to strict confidentiality laws we look forward to assisting our residents in their recovery from COVID-19.

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