Health Dept. of NW MI COVID-19 update

The Health Department of Northwest Michigan wants to remind residents that testing criteria for COVID-19 recently expanded per the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). 

As of Tuesday, April 14th Michigan’s priority testing now includes the previously identified high risk individuals with symptoms as well as people with mild symptoms as long as testing supplies are available.

We also want to caution residents that expanded testing criteria and increased testing will likely cause an increase in positive COVID-19 case counts.  

The Emmet County Testing Facility is available to any individual who has symptoms as well as a lab slip from their primary care provider.

The testing facility is open from 12-3 Monday-Friday. MDHHS released a COVID-19 testing finder that you can visit on the MDHHS website to find the testing site closest to you. 

Increased testing is needed to gather more information about where and how COVID-19 is spreading in our communities, and how to reduce its spread.  

Lisa Peacock, Health Officer shared that “There are unmistakable signs that we are making progress in our communities together. Expanded testing, continued contact tracing and each day our hospitals are able to adequately care for patients provides us with early evidence of success in our efforts to flatten the curve. We hope everyone can feel encouraged by this quiet progress.” 

As of 4:00pm, the Health Department of Northwest Michigan is reporting positive COVID-19 cases in the following counties: Antrim – 8, Charlevoix – 11, Emmet – 21, Otsego – 44; and confirmed COVID-19 deaths in the following counties: Charlevoix – 1, Emmet – 2, Otsego – 3. The State of Michigan has reported 29,263 cases and 2,093 deaths.

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