Health Department of Northwest Michigan COVID-19 Update

The Health Department of Northwest Michigan wants to remind residents and local businesses that the Governor signed Executive Order 2020-91 and Executive Order 2020-92 on Monday. Under these executive orders, restaurants, bars, retail businesses, and offices in our region are allowed to resume in-person work and offer onsite dining, with strict precautions in place, beginning Friday, May 22nd at 12:01 am. Resources aligning with the requirements of the executive order can be found on our COVID-19 business resource page.

We have received questions and concerns regarding travel and housing as a result of the preliminary phases of re-opening in our region under Executive Order 2020-91 and Executive Order 2020-92.

The following is prohibited:

  • Travel to vacation rentals
  • Campground housing, unless primary residence
  • Hotel and motel rentals/use, unless to house someone aiding in the COVID-19 response

The following is allowed:

  • To return to a home or place of residence from outside this state.
  • To leave this state for a home or residence elsewhere.
  • Between two residences in this state, including moving to a new residence.
  • As required by law enforcement or a court order, including the transportation of children pursuant to a custody agreement.
  • For individuals in Regions 6 or 8, to go to a restaurant or a retail store or to attend a social gathering of up to 10 people.

We cannot stress enough that this preliminary phase of re-opening our state does not mean there is an absence of COVID-19 in our communities. However, this does mean that we have made substantial progress in our region specifically regarding testing, contact tracing, and a decrease in the number of new cases each day.  While enjoying the warmer weather and the re-opening of some local businesses, everyone should continue taking all necessary precautions to protect themselves and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

“These last few weeks have been difficult, but I know what we all want is for northern Michigan to recover from this crisis healthy in EVERY way! We are prepared to assist our community re-open in a strategic, careful, and successful way,” shared Lisa Peacock, Health Officer. “We appreciate the opportunity to carefully open some of our business sectors before vacation travel is allowed so that we can work out the details and welcome our visitors when the time is right. To get there, we want to remind local businesses that we are here to support them as they safely re-open their doors to residents.”

As we are in the preliminary phases of re-opening our region and our state, it is extremely important that any individual with mild symptoms of COVID-19 contact their doctor in order to get tested. Individuals who are reporting to work in-person, with or without symptoms, can also get tested. If you are unable to speak to a doctor for any reason, please call 1-800-432-4121 for assistance. To locate a testing facility, visit the Michigan COVID-19 Test Finder website.

As of 4 p.m. on May 20, the Health Department of Northwest Michigan is reporting:

  • Positive COVID-19 cases in the following counties: Antrim – 11, Charlevoix – 14, Emmet – 21, Otsego – 99
  • Recovered COVID-19 cases in the following counties: Antrim – 9, Charlevoix – 12, Emmet – 19, Otsego – 77
  • Confirmed COVID-19 deaths in the following counties: Charlevoix – 1, Emmet – 2, Otsego – 10.

The State of Michigan has reported 53,009 cases and 5,060 deaths.

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