Health Department of Northwest Michigan COVID-19 Daily Update

The Health Department of Northwest Michigan wants to remind residents that we hear your requests for more information.

The new COVID-19 data dashboard is updated daily with local data. We are working to address your requests for additional information about cases present in our counties, while maintaining patient confidentiality.

For the most up to date and detailed information available, visit our COVID-19 data dashboard.

We are able to share additional data regarding positive cases without violating confidentiality as case numbers increase.

Testing restrictions (before the updated guidelines were mentioned today by Dr. Khaldun) and the time it takes to receive results limit knowledge of all COVID-19 cases and therefore residents should still take the necessary precautions assuming they may be exposed to COVID-19 in any public place.

We want to remind residents that although new information and contact tracing of positive cases can give us a better idea of how the virus could be spreading, the best method to reduce the spread and protect our communities is still to stay home and leave only to provide or receive essential services.

“When cases are reported to us, they often tell us where the virus was spreading 10-14 days ago, not where it may be currently,” shared Medical Director, Dr. Josh Meyerson. “We have enough confirmed cases reported now that we know there is community-based spread throughout Northern Michigan, and the best way to reduce your risk is to maintain social distancing.”

As of 4 p.m. on Monday April 13, the Health Department of Northwest Michigan is reporting positive COVID-19 cases in the following counties:

  • Antrim – 8
  • Charlevoix – 11
  • Emmet – 21
  • Otsego – 34

Confirmed COVID-19 deaths in the following counties:

  • Charlevoix – 1
  • Emmet – 2
  • Otsego – 2

The State of Michigan has reported 25,635 cases and 1,602 deaths.

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