Health Department of Northwest Michigan COVID-19 Daily Update

With the continued rise in cases across Michigan as well as evidence of community spread in Antrim, Charlevoix, Emmet and Otsego Counties, the Health Department is urging residents to continue to stay home and stay safe and reminding essential businesses of the employee screening requirements.

Health Officer, Lisa Peacock, shared “We are concerned about anyone who has to leave their home to either provide or receive essential services. Our local public health emergency order adds an additional layer of safety by requiring these businesses to screen their employees for risk of COVID-19 as well as requiring they implement social distancing measures. These steps are intended to keep people safe, not create barriers. We continue to hear innovative methods that businesses are using to comply with the emergency order.”

The Emmet County Testing Facility has tested 42 individuals for COVID since opening last Wednesday. Individuals with questions about the facility, how to get tested, etc. should call 1-800-432-4121. Please note the Emmet County Testing Facility will be closed this Friday, April 10.

As of 4:00pm, the Health Department of Northwest Michigan is reporting positive COVID-19 cases in the following counties:

Antrim – 6

Charlevoix – 8

Emmet – 14

Otsego – 28

Confirmed COVID-19 deaths in the following counties:

Emmet – 2

Otsego – 2

The State of Michigan has reported 18,970 cases and 845 deaths.

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