Great Lakes tunnel progress


The Great Lakes Tunnel project made significant progress this month with environmental permit applications being prepared for agency review and renewed engagement by the Mackinac Straits Corridor Authority.Great Lakes Tunnel

Building on this progress, a Michigan-based tunnel construction expert has been selected to helm construction work – once again demonstrating that Michigan workers and businesses will benefit from the project.

“Members of the Michigan Laborers Union have welcomed major developments this month by Enbridge and the State of Michigan toward the construction of the Great Lakes Tunnel underneath the Mackinac Straits. We are pleased to partner with Jay Dee Contractors, a Michigan-based expert in building world-class tunnels, who will lead the construction team. Our State has a long tradition of putting its stamp of craftsmanship excellence on society’s infrastructure, and with the selection of Jay Dee Contractors and the work of our members, the Great Lakes Tunnel will be a proud addition to that list,” said Geno Alessandrini, Business Manager for the Michigan Laborers District Council.

“We are once again calling for the Governor and the Legislature to continue to work towards full implementation and construction of the Great Lakes Tunnel. This tunnel will act as an economic stimulus for the northern parts of Michigan, providing many good paying union jobs and helping to bring economic stability to the region. Additionally, it will guarantee that the energy needs of our State are met in a safe and affordable fashion. There is much more work to do, but the Laborers Union applauds the progress that has been made by Enbridge and the State of Michigan.”

The Laborers International Union of North America was established in 1903 and represents over half a million men and women who build America’s roads, bridges, buildings, and energy infrastructure. Members of the Michigan Laborers have worked over 17 million hours on pipeline projects throughout the state – pipelines are lifelines for thousands of Michigan families.


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