Grant could alter street project schedule

At the Tuesday May 12 Boyne City Commission meeting, Boyne City Director of Public Works Tim Faas briefed commissioners on an opportunity through MDOT for the latest round of State Category B grants for cities and villages with populations of less than 10,000 for road improvements.
The city staff, together with the city’s design consultant C2AE, has reviewed the applicability of the grant for several road and bridge maintenance projects currently under design and found they could make for a worthy submission.
It would mean delaying construction of the following three projects until the next fiscal year, which—Faas said—is not a major concern:
1. Park Street Bridge (mill, seal and resurface) $15,000
2. Pine Street – S East to Park (paving & drainage) $59,800
3. Franklin/Park/Morgan Streets (paving & drainage) $204,100
TOTAL = $278,900
The grant applications are due on/or before June 1, 2020 for the State fiscal year 2021.
Soft costs, such as engineering, are not eligible for the grant.
A resolution by the City Commission, in support of the application, is required to be submitted along with the application which could be presented at the May 26 Boyne City Commission meeting.
MDOT indicated it intends to make notification of the successful applicants in mid-July of this year.
The funds would be available as of October 1, which means a tight window for construction during the current calendar year and more likely construction next spring.
The maximum grant request is $250,000 with a 50 percent match allowing for total project costs of up to $500,000.
The net cost to Boyne City for these projects with a grant would be $139,450.
The city presently has budgeted $265,200 for these projects in the current fiscal year.
“It is my recommendation that the city commission discuss making application for the State Transportation Economic Development Fund (TEDF) – Category B Program for FY2021,” Faas stated.
All commissioners agreed the city should apply for the grant.
The resolution will be brought before the city commission at its May 26 meeting.

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