Charlevoix’s lawmakers at work


House Bill 5766, Coronavirus epidemic response bills – Tax Tribunal deadlines: Passed 37 to 0 in the Senate – To extend for up to 96 days the filing deadlines for appeals to the Michigan Tax Tribunal during 2020. Specifically, for deadlines that normally fall between May 27 and the end of August, the new deadline would be August 31. The Senate Fiscal Agency describes the Tax Tribunal as “an administrative court that hears tax appeals for all Michigan taxes [and] has jurisdiction over assessment disputes only after the assessment has been protested before the [local] Board of Review.”
37 Sen. Wayne Schmidt
R – Traverse City Y

House Bill 5097, Authorize small non-payday loans by payday lenders: Passed 58 to 49 in the House – To allow payday lenders to make “small loans” of up $2,500, subject to restrictions specified in the bill. These would be 90-day to one-year loans that are not secured by a future paycheck.
105 Rep. Triston Cole
R – Antrim County Y

House Bill 5217, Permit student athletes to earn endorsement revenue: Passed 94 to 13 in the House
To prohibit colleges, the NCAA, or other intercollegiate athletic organizing bodies from prohibiting a student from participating in sports if the student has received compensation for the use of the his or her name, image, likeness rights, or athletic reputation, or if the student hires an agent.
Cole – Y

House Bill 5541, Allow communications impediment state ID card designation: Passed 107 to 0 in the House – To allow a state identification card applicant to request from the Secretary of State a non-public designation in the department’s central files as an individual with a communication impediment including autism, and make it so law enforcement has access and can see the designation record.
Cole – Y

Senate Bill 718, Extend roadside drug testing statewide: Passed 77 to 30 in the House – To authorize statewide roadside drug testing. This expands a five-county pilot program authorized by a 2016 law.
Cole – Y

House Bill 5417, Authorize child Do-Not-Resuscitate orders: Passed 104 to 1 in the House – To allow a parent or guardian to sign a Do-Not-Resuscitate order for a minor child or ward who has an advanced illness, and prescribe related procedures and requirements. DNR orders apply in a setting outside a hospital, and current law does not provide for DNR orders for a minor.
Cole – Y
House Bill 5418, Prescribe school actions on child Do-Not-Resuscitate orders: Passed 103 to 2 in the House
To establish procedures, rules and liability limitations for schools under the proposal in House Bill 5417 to allow parents and guardians to sign a Do-Not-Resuscitate order, which would also to a Physician Order for Scope of Treatment (POST) directive for a minor child with an advanced illness.
Cole – Y

House Bill 5488, Let courts keep imposing operations costs on defendants: Passed 101 to 4 in the House
To extend until October of 2022 a law that permits courts to impose any costs on guilty defendants that are reasonably related to the actual costs of operating the court, including building maintenance expenses, court employee benefit expenses and more, and do so without tying those expenses to the particular case. The controversial 2014 law that authorized these impositions has already been extended once, and the introduced version of this bill would have added another three years, not two years.
Cole – Y

Senate Bill 876, Coronavirus epidemic response bills – drivers license expirations: Passed 35 to 2 in the Senate
To extend until June 30, 2020 the expiration date on a drivers license or vehicle registration that expired between Feb. 1 and May 31, 2020. Senate Bills 877 and 878 were also passed to do the same with state identification cards and “enhanced” versions of both document.
Schmidt – Y


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