Boyne City seeks Open Space grant

open space

Boyne City Commission voted last week to move forward with an application for grant moneys through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for a Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant.

Since acquiring the Open Space property in late 2018, the city has been actively engaged in soliciting public input on the community’s preferred use and development of the land.

The public input sessions yielded a number of amenities to be constructed over time including a non-motorized trail along the eastern edge of the site and pedestrian pathways generally bordering the other three edges of the site.

Beckett & Raeder have recently finalized the conceptual designs, prepared estimates, and a construction phasing plan.

The first phases recommended for construction would include Phase 1—a 10-foot-wide paved non-motorized trail at a cost of $229,592—and part of Phase 4—the pedestrian pathways at a cost of $147,008.

The preliminary opinion of probable cost of these two phases total $376,600.

Boyne City staff has discussed a strategy with Beckett & Raeder regarding various grant applications through the State of Michigan and/or federal government.

The team feels that making application to the MDNR for a Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant would provide the best chance of success.

This grant requires a fifty percent local match. As such, the amount Boyne City would need to pledge toward the project would be $188,300 and would likely be provided from the city’s general fund.

A grant application is being prepared for this request.

A resolution in the form attached would be necessary committing the future funds by the city should the grant be awarded and agreements executed in April or May of 2021.

The application is due on or before April 1, 2020, and the funds would not be available until June 2021.

Boyne City Director of Public Works Tim Faas recommended to the Boyne City Commission to approve the model resolution supporting an application to the MDNR for a Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant for the Open Space Trail & Pathways Project.

The Boyne City Commission ultimately voted to proceed in applying for the grant on the Open Space project as outlined in Faas’ memo.

There had also been a backup grant application proposed for the Avalanche Park but Boyne City Commissioners decided not to have staff prepare that backup grant application at this time and no vote was taken on that matter.

Commissioners directed city staff to instead focus on plans to improve the Open Space.


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