Boyne City Police weekly reports


Monday April 27, 2020
0309 Assist MSP and Sheriff Dept. on Healey Rd.
0642 Assist EMS on State St.
0911 Citation issued for disregarding stop sign at State and Lake St.
1256 Birthday Parade with Fire Dept. on Wheeler Rd
1316 Report of a dog not on a leash at Avalanche.
1356 Suspicious situation in the 100 block of W Division.
1521 H&R property damage crash in the 300 block of N Lake St
1545 Vehicle unlock in the 300 block of E Division St
1815 Suspicious subject in the 800 block of S Park St.
2121 Suspicious vehicle in the 300 block of E Division St
2133 Assist Fire and EMS with an unknown explosion and fire on Hardwood Rd.
2155 Juvenile runaway from Wenonah St.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020
0845 Report of MDOP to lawn on Lakeshore Dr.
1033 Salvage vehicle inspection
1041 Fraud complaint from the 100 block of N East St.
1103 Request for welfare check in the 300 block of Silver St.
1208 Citation issued for speed at Division and Boyne Av
1437 Report of subject with dementia driving into town from Bay Twp.
1451 Burn permit issued on Line St
1452 Report of attempted phone fraud from the 100 block of W Lincoln
1901 Found wallet near the parking lot at Avalanche.
1930 Driving violation on Vogel near East.
2002 Call from N Lake St with Executive Order questions
2057 Welfare check in the 700 block of Wenonah St.
2255 Suspicious vehicle in the 1000 block of Boyne Av
2257 Suspicious situation on Leroy.
2314 Assist Sheriff Dept. on Deer Lake Rd.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020
0917 Noise complaint on Fall Park.
0949 Juvenile complaint on Smith St.
1450 Anonymous report of business operating outside the Executive Order in the Industrial Park.
1418 Assist Sheriff Dept. on Pincherry Rd.
1907 Driving violation on E Main St.
2256 Civil complaint on Jefferson St.

Thursday, April 30, 2020
1300 Birthday parade with FIRE and EMS
1412 No Trespass Order served
1425 Vehicle unlock in the 300 block of Water St

Friday, May 1, 2020
0116 Health and safety complaint from Pearl St.
0325 Alarm in the 1200 block of Boyne Ave.
1450 Burn permit issued on Maple St
1550 Arrested subject for child abuse in the 300 block of E Division St
1705 Harassment complaint in the 400 block of N Lake St
1910 Burn permit issued on Pleasant Ave.
1915 Suspicious situation reported on Front St.
2105 Lodged a stray dog at the shelter.

Saturday, May 2, 2020
0210 Assist EMS in the 300 block of N lake St.
1100 Birthday parade on Bay St
1117 Report of MDOP in the cemetery.
1151 Assisted with the school’s sports booster drawing
1632 Found phone returned to owner.
1716 Assisted CPS in the 300 block of E Division St
1936 Suspicious activity on Vogel St.
2007 Water main break in front in the 800 block of N Lake St.
2129 Arrested subject for no ops/DWLS on Vogel St. near N. Lake St.
2223 Assist Sheriff Dept. on Advance Rd.

Sunday, May 3, 2020
0914 Animal complaint in the 500 block of N Lake St
1200 Parade on Cherry St.
1500 Helped Fire Dept. with parade on Ridge Road.
2127 Report of possible stolen car from Charlevoix St.


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