Boyne City High School People’s Choice Awards

Boyne City High School People’s Choice Awards is going to be held at 7 p.m. on Wednesday April 15 in a virtual format.

35 students will be recognized by staff members for this special award.

The students do not know who nominated them until the night of.

The program will be broadcast through the Rambler Sports Network and can be viewed live on the website or on the Boyne City Public Schools Facebook page.

It will also be available to be viewed in those same places after the event for those who wish to watch it later.

The event will include both live and pre-recorded speeches from staff members explaining why they chose their nominee.

Below are this year’s nominees:

Boyne City High School People’s Choice Nominees 2020
Jacob Alger- 12
Nick Aown- 12
Carter Binkley- 12
Aidan Brehm- 11
Justin Buning- 11
Brady Butka- 12
Pete Calcaterra- 12
Mike Cheadle- 9
Kaylee Chew- 11
Michael Deming- 11
Greg Dyer- 12
Shian Erickson- 10
Devon Hayden- 12
Sophia Hemming- 12
Phoebe Holm- 11
Megan Hope- 12
Jaelyn Jarema- 11
Ben Leaman- 11
Krystal March- 12
Reagan May- 12
Taryn McBee- 12
Harry Moody- 12
Caden Rajkovich- 12
Josh Robinson- 11
Neels Ronnau- 12
Blake Root- 9
Annabelle Seelye- 12
Thomas Sommerfeldt- 10
Avery Stadt- 12
Olivia Toorman- 12
Bizzy Turnbull- 12
Peightyn Valentine- 10
Max Vondra- 12
Rylie Woodall- 12
Logan Zipp – 12

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