Boyne City Commission news


Boyne City Commission met Tuesday Feb. 11 for its regular bimonthly meeting. A rather light agenda last week, business items included discussion of wastewater treatment plant repairs, and a contract for turf fertilization.

City Manager Report
Absentee ballots are now available for the March 10 Presidential Primary.
The new Boyne City Deputy Treasurer will begin work on Feb. 24 but will be working on Saturdays for the next few weeks with retiring Boyne City Deputy Treasurer Michele Hewitt.
The Boyne City Fire Department has purchased two used snowmobiles from Otsego County EMS for winter emergency responses.
Boyne Valley Township board has voted to set up a committee of two of their board members and one member of the public to meet with Boyne City officials to work on a contract regarding EMS services.

Wastewater Plant Repairs
Consideration to authorize a contract in the amount of $6,500 with Professional Pump to repair an aeration blower motor for the lagoons at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.
Boyne City Water/Wastewater Superintendent Mark Fowler said two aeration blowers at the city’s treatment plant have failing bearings.
A few companies were contacted for prices to repair the blowers.
These blower units are 14 years old.
The best quote received for the repairs was from Professional Pump for labor.
There will be further costs determined once the motor has disassembled and the necessary materials are purchased.
The motion was unanimously approved.

Turf Fertilization
Consideration to approve a contract extension of one year and award a purchase order to Northern Greenlawn North for the 2020 Turf Fertilization services in an amount not-to-exceed $13,600.
Boyne City Director of Public Works Tim Faas discussed the proposals from Northern Greenlawn North to extend their service contract for the upcoming season.
Their proposal is similar to last season’s service. However, the mid-summer application of fertilizer on the sports fields has been eliminated as the contractor feels it is not necessary to guarantee the health of the turf.
A small increase of 2.2 percent is factored into the agreement to cover wage increases and material cost inflation versus last year.
The motion was unanimously approved.

Closed Session
To approve the request of the city manager to go into closed session to consider a periodic personnel evaluation of a public officer as provided in MCL 15.268 (a) of the Michigan Open Meetings Act (PA 267 of 1976) at 7:17 p.m.
Motion unanimously approved.

The next Boyne City Commission meeting will be at noon on Tuesday Feb. 25.


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