Boyne City Commission meets

Boyne City Commission is expected to meet at 7 p.m. today, Tuesday June 23, to consider a number of agenda items including the museum’s collection policy, shoreline erosion repairs, the Boyne Forest Trail project, and the format of future meetings.


Following are briefs on this week’s city business. Look for results from this week’s meeting in next week’s Boyne City Gazette or online at

Museum Collection Policy
Consideration to approve an agreement with the Boyne Heritage Center regarding its role as stewards of the historical collections resources owned by Boyne City and held in public trust.
Go to to see a copy of the policy.

Shoreline Repairs
Consideration to approve the recommended erosion control strategies as presented and authorize the design team to proceed with submitting permits, preparing bid documents and in the case of Lakeshore Drive engaging the residents whose properties are affected.
At the May 26 city commission meeting, contracts were awarded to develop plans, specifications, permits, bids, and construction engineering for emergency repairs to the following locations:
1. John Street road-end park
2. Veterans Park—the peninsula area and marina
3. Lakeshore Drive—four locations between Marshall Road and the city limits (graphic at right)
Since then, field topographical survey work has been completed and the design team has reviewed recommended strategies.
Parks & Recreation’s budget includes $100,000 for shoreline erosion repairs on city-owned properties.
Boyne City Director of Public Works Tim Faas, in a June 18 memo to Cain, stated, “I would recommend the city offer to cover the professional services and permit costs for the repairs on Lakeshore Drive, since those are private properties, and further require the property owners to cover the construction costs through one, or more, agreements.”

Boyne Forest Trail
Parking & Trailhead
Consideration to authorize the city manager to proceed with the construction of the Boyne Forest Trail parking lot and trailhead project.
At the May 26 Boyne City Commission meeting, Cain was authorized to sign the parks millage agreements with Charlevoix County for two $10,000 appropriations for the Boyne Forest Trail System.
At that time, based on the budget for this project, Boyne City would have been left with a $25,173 funding gap.
Top of Michigan Mountain Bike Association’s fundraising committee since met and has proposed raising nearly 60 percent of the moneys needed—$15,000—which would leave the city owing $10,173. The difference would be funded by the city’s Parks Capital Outlay account.

Gaming License Resolution
Consideration to approve of a request by the Boyne City Firefighters Association for a Local Governing Body Resolution for Charitable Gaming License and authorize the City Manager to execute the documents

Police Department
Laptop Purchase
Consideration to authorize the purchase of three laptops for the Police Department along with the accompanying equipment from Tel-Rad at a cost not to exceed $10,542.

Police Vehicle Purchase
Consideration to approve the purchase of a 2021 Police SUV from Bob Mathers Ford in the amount of $36,273.24 less a rebate of $2,850 for a total amount not to exceed $33,423.24.

Vactor Truck Purchase
Consideration to purchase a Vactor truck from Fredrickson Supply in the amount of $422,883.45.

1910 Building Boiler
Consideration to accept the quote from Ballard’s Plumbing & Heating in the amount of $6,935 to repair the boiler at the 1910 Building.
In a memo from Cain to Boyne City Water/Wastewater Superintendent Mark Fowler, he discussed how the boiler which provides heat to the city’s historic 1910 Building failed.
“We called in D&W Mechanical to repair it,” Cain stated. “After looking at it they recommended that it be replaced. Due to the stay-at-home order, we could not get any quotes at that time, so we ran an electric heater on the few nights it got cold.”
At the end of May, the city was able to get quotes from D&W Mechanical for $7,979 and Ballard’s Plumbing & Heating for $6,935.

Pavilion Fire system
Consideration approve the contract with Habitec Security of Charlevoix, Michigan for the installation and monitoring of the fire suppression alarm system for the Veterans Pavilion.

Compost Screener
Consideration to Commission award a purchase order contract for rental of a compost screener to Maverick Environmental Equipment of Alma, Michigan in an amount not-to-exceed $10,500.

Future Meeting
Format Discussion
In a memo from Cain to the Boyne City Commission, he raised the issue of how to proceed with city commission meetings moving forward.
The last in-person Boyne City Commission meeting was held March 17.
“We are currently authorized to continue conducting remote electronic meetings through the end of July,” Cain stated.
“That end date for electronic meetings has been extended in the past and could be extended again in the future. While we are authorized to do so we are not required to. As things continue to improve and open up in Michigan, I thought it was time to discuss if the commission was ready to make a change from our current ZOOM processes.”
Cain suggested three options to consider:
1. The city continues remote meetings electronically.
2. The city goes back to in-person meetings.
3. The city combines the two practices.
“While we don’t have to make any change at this point, I think it is good to have this conversation, learn the preferences of the city commission, and have staff take steps to implement them,” Cain said. “I have no strong preferences at this time. While, ultimately, I would prefer that we meet in person, we are getting our work done well via the current ZOOM process and I am in no rush and see no urgent reason that we need to move away from what we are currently doing.”

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