Boyne bus passer update


The search for a pickup truck alleged to have passed a stopped Boyne City Public Schools bus on Monday Jan. 13 ended shortly after it began when the driver called the school to admit to the mistake.

Boyne City Public Schools Superintendent Pat Little told the Boyne City Gazette on Tuesday Jan. 14 that the matter had been turned over to the Boyne City Police Department.

“[H]e called me and he admitted to it immediately,” Little said. “He was very remorseful about his driving and apologetic. I took his information and sent it to (Boyne City Police) Chief Kevin Spate so they could handle the situation.”

Boyne City Police Chief Kevin Spate said the perpetrator came to the police station and admitted to his actions.

“He was given a citation for running the school bus light,” Spate said. “Nice guy. Very apologetic. Ashamed that he did that.”

Spate added, “Any time there is a school bus stopping that means there are kids coming out and they rely on cars to stop at those lights. People need to be careful or they could end up hitting a kid.”

Little had posted a picture from the bus’s video camera and asked people to help identify the vehicle.

“It was posted for two reasons. First, as a strong community reminder to be aware of the buses when stopped and not to pass when the lights are on,” Little said. “Secondly, and this was a long-shot I felt, to identify the truck and driver. Thankfully the driver turned himself in, which was the right thing for him to do.”

Some social media commenters were perplexed when the Facebook post disappeared but Little said he took it down after the driver called him.

“I would remind drivers to remain attentive at all times,” Little said. “As soon as the yellow lights turn on, plan on stopping as soon as possible. There are many distractions to safe driving in these times.”

He added, “Please be aware of school buses for student safety and all others that are on the roads.”

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