Where to hike during hunting season


Little Traverse Conservancy provides opportunities to get out in the woods on lands that are open and lands that are closed to hunting. Currently, more than 15,000 acres protected through Little Traverse Conservancy are open to hunting. So where to go if you are not a hunter but would like to hike during gun season?

Recommended preserves (and assist projects) across the Conservancy’s five-county service area that are not open to hunting are listed below.

Charlevoix County

  • Nathan “Barry” Driggers
  • The Hill
  • North Point Natural Area
  • Charles A. Ransom
  • Raven Ridge
  • Rogers Family Homestead
  • Portions of St. Clair Lake/Six Mile Lake Natural Area
  • Wisser-Saworski


Beaver Island

  • Barney’s Lake
  • Little Sand Bay
  • George and Althea Petritz

Cheboygan County

  • Agnes S. Andreae (hunting is allowed on adjacent Boyd B. Banwell)
  • Chaboiganing (hunting is allowed on adjacent Indian Point)
  • Duncan Bay
  • Gauthier
  • Hildner-Bearce/Waubun
  • Seven Springs
  • Vivian VanCampen


Chippewa County

  • Jinny Palms
  • Vermilion Point


Mackinac County

  • William B. Derby
  • Mackinac Bay

Emmet County

  • Philip J. Braun North
  • Bubbling Springs
  • Hailand-Helstrom Family
  • The Headlands (owned by Emmet County)
  • Ray Johnston
  • Allan and Virginia McCune
  • Naas, Mauger, Raunecker, & Leslie
  • Oden Island
  • Round Lake
  • Thorne Swift
  • Waldron Fen
  • Woollam Family

Interactive maps of Conservancy-owned nature preserves can be found at www.landtrust.org or on the free nature preserve app, LTC Explorer (Google or Apple app stores). A printed preserve map was updated this October and is also available online or at our office near Harbor Springs.

Dogs are allowed on most Conservancy preserves but they must be kept on a leash. Please respect that there may be children or people who are afraid of dogs on the trails and obey this statewide law. Please note that dogs that are legally engaged in hunting on lands enrolled in the Commercial Forestry Act are not required to be on a leash. In addition, the majority of hunting occurs at dawn and dusk.

For more information about hunting on preserves (including a list of preserves where hunting is permitted), visit www.landtrust.org and click on “Explore” > “Hunting.” This page will walk you through a downloadable permission slip that is required when hunting on a Conservancy preserve. You may print this page or save it to your phone, but must have it with you while hunting on an LTC nature preserve.

The Little Traverse Conservancy is your local land trust. Individuals, families, and businesses make annual donations to ensure that LTC can protect land throughout northern Michigan for your family and generations to come. Nature Preserves and Working Forest Reserves are open to you and can be found throughout the northern lower and eastern upper peninsulas of Michigan. LTC receives no government funding for its operations. In addition to offering voluntary land protection options for landowners, we reach thousands of children with environmental education programs each year. More than 110 miles of trails are available on dozens of the more than 350 nature preserves. A free nature preserve and trail app – LTC Explorer – is available for download. For more information, visit www.landtrust.org or call 231.347.0991.

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