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stroll the streets

Summer Friday evenings in Boyne mean music and family fun, as well as important economic development, but the events require your support.


Boyne City Stroll the Streets Coordinator Karen Guzniczak recently issued an open letter to local businesses urging them to support this beloved and vital event.

“As we begin what can only be an outstanding 2019, it is time to start planning the 16th year of Stroll the Streets,” Guzniczak stated. “The first Stroll the Streets will be June 14 and will run every Friday evening through Aug. 30.”

Stroll the Streets is one of Boyne City Main Street’s signature events for the community—enjoyed by thousands of residents and visitors.

“Stroll the Streets is the perfect opportunity to display the friendly and welcoming community that is Boyne City,” Guzniczak stated. “The positive image this event creates is invaluable to us all and impossible to put a price tag on.”

Thousands of people visit downtown Boyne City during the 12 Friday evenings throughout the season to dine at the many local restaurants, shop in stores, enjoy ice-cream, dream about a second home—and come back the next day, next week, or next year to do it again.

“While it is difficult to understand the direct impact to each of us, just doing simple math tells a great story,” she stated. “What if 1000 people spent an average of $20 every Friday night for twelve weeks and just 5 percent was at your business? That is $12,000 in sales.”

Last year, over 75 bands were hired throughout the season with an investment of $16,000 to entertain the crowds.

“That success is because of you,” Guzniczak stated. “Your contribution makes Stroll the Streets possible. We thank you for your past support, and we hope we can count on you to help again this summer.”

She added, “With your investment in Stroll the Streets you are supporting a great event, and we will recognize your support to the thousands of people visiting our businesses and strolling our streets.”

For planning purposes, those interested are asked to let Main Street know their level of support by May 3.

Payment is not due until July 1.

Call Boyne City Main Street at 582-9009 for more information or Guzniczak at 582-2355.


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