Student letters to Santa

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Each Christmastime, Boyne City Gazette publishes local student letters to Santa Claus. This year, we received dozens and dozens of letters from Boyne Falls Public School and Concord Academy Boyne.

Boyne Falls Kindergarten
Dear Santa,
Please bring my mom presents.
Love, Judy

Dear Santa,
Please bring my mom sumumin.
Love, Mijraix

Dear Santa,
Please bring by Horn amrok.
Love, Tori

Dear Santa,
Please bring my mom a fokis.
Love, Madison

Dear Santa,
Please bring my mom a MCCR.
Love, Gorion

Dear Santa,
Please bring my mom a puppy.
Love, (no name given)

Dear Santa,
Please bring my mom flights for California.
Love, Grayson

Dear Santa,
Please bring my grandma new socks.
Love, Eaven

Dear Santa,
Please bring my mom a doll
Love, Calvin

Dear Santa,
Please bring my mom a puppy.
Love, Blake

Dear Santa,
Please bring my mom and dad a puppy.
Love, Alayna

Dear Santa,
Please bring my Gram markers.
Love, Sammy

Dear Santa,
Please bring my friend a puppy.
Love, Emery

Dear Santa,
Please bring my mom a puppy.
Love, Dillon

Dear Santa,
Please bring my special transformer set.
Love, James

Dear Santa,
Please bring my dog a collar.
Love, Paisley

Dear Santa,
Please bring my Brent an airplane.
Love, Brent

Dear Santa,
Please bring my nanna a doll.
Love, Addie
Dear Santa,
Please bring my cousin a new clock.
Love, Alemie

Boyne Falls First Grade
Dear Santa,
I have been good this yer.
I have been good to my parints this yer. I wud please like a shinee bell this yer. I wud like a toy.
You are owese happy.
Your Friend, Elle

Dear Santa,
I have been good this year.
I hav took carr uz my brother.
I wat a rod bic, I wot a hotwel toy for my brother.
Your friend, Winston

Dear Santa,
I ben good this yer. I ben good too my sistrs. I wont a chia pet. I wont a utendo swich. Wud you pet regboof for me?
I love yor friend.

Dear Santa,
I like you suntan. You are the best.
I wud like a gift. A game or a tv.
Your Friend, Molly

Dear Santa,
I hav ben gd this yer.
I wud like fra crismis is a yooncron playset and a furiek and a cat toe.
Your Friend, Evalyn

Dear Santa,
I hav ben good this yeer.
Ples can I have a tone for crismis.
I mis you from Kindergrtin.
I am now in first grad.
Your Friend, Theodore

Dear Santa,
I have bene good. I have bene good to my brathr. We have fun.
I plees wont more pokemon cardse and a postr ov peckachu
Yore Friend, Caleb

Dear Santa,
I ben rile god tise are my feden the horsis and pies. Can I have a martin doll for crismis and the other thing I want is a speret play set.
Your Friend, Andy

Dear Santa,
I ben good to my Bruthor. I ben good to my techor to. I wood like a dublir shirlor and a one shirlor pless.
I love your randir.
Your Friend, Audrey

Dear Santa,
I hav ben vry good. I want stnk.
Your Friend, Johnny

Dear Santa,
I been good all yere. I do my homewoke. I wude like a X-Box and teching suplis for my teacher.
Hope you make it Santa.
You Friend, James

Dear Santa,
I help my sister a lot. Can you get our class Candyland. I would like a tablet.
Thank You, Damien

Dear Santa,
I am friendly with everyone. I am wishing for 3 elves on a shelf.
Thank you.
Love, Haylee

Dear Santa,
I help my friends a lot. I am wishing for a hoverboard. I hope you have a merry Christmas.
Love, Elijah

Dear Santa,
I help keep our house clean. So could you bring me an elf on a shelf.
Thank You, Kaden

Dear Santa,
I’m kind to others. I would like an Elsa castle because I like Frozen 2.
Thank you, Nevaeh

Dear Santa,
I helped others this year. Can you please give my mom a neckless.
Also may I have more magnetic tiles.
Thank you,
Love, Alyssa

Dear Santa,
I have been a good girl.
I am wishing for a stuffed monkey.
I hope you have a Merry Christmas!
Love, Alli

Dear Santa,
I help with the dishes. I would like a puppy for me and my sister.
Thank you, Payton

Dear Santa,
I love the presents you have given.
You have a cool hat too. Do you have a pet lizard? I would like one for Christmas.
Thank you, John

Dear Santa,
I have tried my best to help everyone. I wish for a big Godzilla toy.
Merry Christmas!
Love, Sequoia

Dear Santa,
Can we have another elf. I help do laundry and can I have another toy horses.
Thank you, Alyna

Dear Santa,
I was good this year because I listen to Mrs. Powers every day.
Dear Santa please give Lylah a new pony. Dear Santa please give me a lego set and a elf on the shelf.

Boyne Falls Third Grade
Dear Santa,
I have been good this year. I help my grandma. Also, I do the dishes. I sometimes do the laundry for my grandma. My mom needs a new car please give her one.
My dad needs work stuff to fix cars. My grandma wants a new phone. Also, I want a new phone.
Also, new air pods they’re so cool. I need the new phone.
Sincerely, Elijah

Dear Santa,
I have been good and pad but I have been mostly good. I’ve been working hard at school and being a good friend. I help my mom with the baby. I really want to get my mom some baby clothes.
I want an Elf on the Shelf.
I would also like a new bed set.
I want black with neon purple and green zigzags on it. I love those big bottles full of slime. I like pink!
Merry Christmas Santa!
Sincerely, Danielle

Dear Santa,
I have been very good this year.
I watch my little sister. Then I cleaned the house. My sister wants a stuffed unicorn. About as big as her. She would love it. Me, can I have a to LOL dolls or as many as you can make because I love them so much.
Sincerely, Alexis

Dear Santa,
I’ve been good.
I helped my friends with math and science. I have shoveled the porch and did more chores. I’ve been good to my brother. I want my mom to get a new car for Christmas. She deserves a new car. I want the legends red infinity gauntlet.
Merry Christmas!
Sincerely, Braylan

Dear Santa,
I have been good because I have helped my mom with work. I have been nice to Braylan. I have helped my baby brother get comfort in the house. Can you please give Mrs. Meier a necklace and dress? Can you please give my mom a new car? Can you give me a bunch of slime? I would like blue with no glitter. The Nickelodeon slime is favorite (but no glitter). I love gum too. Lots Please! If you can, I’d like a phone too please with airpods.
Sincerely, Jaycee

Dear Santa,
I have been good this year.
I hold Chloe’s backpack on the bus. Can you please get my mom a dolphin necklace? Please get it.
Can you get sleepers for my teacher please? Can you please get me a LOL Surprise Amazing Surprise?
Merry Christmas, Santa!
Sincerely, Cayda

Dear Santa,
I have been good this year.
I make my friends feel comfortable around me. I encourage my friends to do great things. I make my best friend Maddi happy! Santa, can you get my friend Jeremiah a Fortnite shirt? Santa can you get my best friend Maddi a red bike with flowers? Santa I would like a phone please.
Merry Christmas Santa!
Sincerely, Amaya

Dear Santa,
I been good all day. I have been getting my homework done all day. I want you to get Ivan a sea horse. I want an iPhone 11. I want a little baby doll what looks real.
Merry Christmas Santa!
Sincerely, Hannah

Dear Santa,
I have been good this year.
I put my clothes in the laundry room. I want to get my sister a toy. I want a phone and a toy Pikachu.
Merry Christmas, Santa!
Sincerely, Ivan
Dear Santa,
I let my brother in my box fort.
I have been helping around this house. I have been nice to my friends. Can you please put me on the nice list this year? My mom deserves a “pretty” necklace for Christmas because she has been taking care of me. She has been taking me to special places. I want a PS4. I want legos. I want nerf.
Sincerely, Greyson

Dear Santa,
I helped my mom with Payton.
I also helped do the dishes, but my mom said I might break something. I help my brothers all the time. Please give Amaya a new kitty cat. Please bring Jeremiah a Fortnite Nerf fun. Also please bring my mom a dress and a necklace and my dad a new red truck.
I want new LOLs please.
Merry Christmas, Santa
Sincerely, Maddi

Dear Santa,
I have been good this year.
I helped my mom shovel the porch. My family needs money. I want a pet red fox. I need a blue collar for my red fox. I helped my grandma get her papers from the copy machine. I cleaned my room for my mom. I do what I’m told.
Merry Christmas, Santa
Sincerely, Liam

Dear Santa,
I have been good this year because I help Jayda put heavy books on a table. My teacher wants new board games in room 140. I want Borderlands 3 for Christmas, please.
Merry Christmas, Santa!
Sincerely, Tyler

Dear Santa,
I have been very good this year.
I help my mom by helping with shopping. Please can you get some new stuff for our classroom because our teacher Mrs. Meier would like new things for our classroom. I would like to get a Nintendo Switch for Christmas please and thank you.
Merry Christmas, Santa!
Sincerely, John

Dear Santa,
I have been very good this year I have done my homework all the time this year. I have helped my friends from crying and getting into fights! I have done my chores. I want you to please get my friend Hannah air pods as well as the iPhone 11. I would like some air pods as well with the iPhone 11 please. If you do, thank you so much, Santa. I really hope that I get some air pods. It would make me very thankful for you to get us air pods and an iPhone 11. I hope our wish comes true.
Merry Christmas, Santa!
Sincerely, Chloe

Dear Santa,
I been good. I help my friends up.
I help my mom when she’s sad.
I help people out. Santa, I want you to bring Amaya cats. Her cat died because her brothers were playing with a squash. I want a Fortnite nerf gun and a pair of air pods and a iPhone 11 and a jeffy puppet and a boy and a girl and a baby Elf on the Shelf that I can play with and an rc car and 9,999 walmart gift card.
Merry Christmas, Santa!
Sincerely, Jeremiah

Boyne Falls School 4th Grade
Dear Santa,
I think that my buddy Ryker Avery Dustin needs a bit of Christmas Joy. He moved last year and I think he really misses me. I hope that he comes and visits, although I do think it would take a Christmas miracle.
He deserves everything. But I really think he would love an iPhone 11 Pro. He really deserves it for being an awesome friend and a kind citizen. I have been getting straight A’s and I even moved up a grade in math. My 2PD range is now a 4.0 to a 6th grade reading level.
I want to see my best friend Ryker Avery Dustin on Christmas, and that is my Christmas wish.
Love, Lucas

Dear Santa,
My mom deserves a day off because she works all the time and she can’t spend any time with us. Please let my mom have a good Christmas this year. And have a good Christmas with us. Please help my mom work easier and help her not get stressed more because of work.
I think I should be on the nice list because I help around the house.
I take the dogs out in the morning sometimes. I help my grandma and papa by shoveling the sidewalk. I always clean off my dish and put it in the dishwasher.
Love, Logan

Dear Santa,
For Christmas I want my dad to get a day off work because he is always working like all the time!
I think he deserves to go shopping and buy whatever he wants, but we/he doesn’t have enough money to go shopping like that, so can you please and thank you, bring him some money? I have been trying my very best at school and I have been helping around the house with dishes and the animals. This is what I want, I want a puppy. Thanks for reading my letter. Ho! Ho! Ho! I hope you are able to make my wish come true for my dad!
Sincerely, Katelyn Ealy

Dear Santa,
A family vacation for me and my mom at the waterpark would be great. I would like my mom to have a family vacation because she works too much. She deserves a break from work and we could have some mom and me time. I would like to take a trip to see my Grandma Mary Lou. I miss her and haven’t seen her in months. When I visit my grandma, I get to spend time with my other family members. I also get to play with her dogs which is fun. Santa I hope you have a good year and a safe trip.
Your Friend, Alix Karlskin

Dear Santa,
My cat deserves a lot of toys and a cathouse for Christmas!
She loves toys.She plays with my sister and I. She loves strings and toy balls with the little bells in the big ball. I have been good for Christmas. Can I please have Fortnight toys for Christmas.
Love, Gavin

Dear Santa,
I want you to get my brother two puppets. Greyson is kind and he is good to friend. He never gives up.
He fights a lot with me but I still care for him! So Santa please give him a good list. I love him so much.
Greyson has good Christmas spirit. Thank you for Christmas. I have a Christmas spirit when I am nice.
Could I please have a phone.
I clean my room and work hard at school.
Love, Hayden

Dear Santa,
Rae-Lin was a nice friend and she was always silly with me, calling me “Zakk Zakk.” She moved away in fourth grade and I am worried about her. Please bring her a picture of me so she can remember me and know how I am doing. She goes to a new school in Petoskey now. I miss her very much. If I had a phone, I would love to have her phone number, call her, and make sure she’s doing okay. I am having a wonderful day in fourth grade, having fun with my friends.
I am 10 years old.
Santa, could you bring me a note from Rae-Lin. I would feel good and always remember her.
Your best elf, Zakk

Dear Santa,
My dad deserves a day to do what he wants to do. My dad is always working his tail off paying the bills. He is always truckin to earn money to pay the bills for us.
He is always out in the garage working on his 50-2 to put it in the truck show in St. Ignace.
I only see my dad maybe two times a week in the summertime but in the winter, I see him every day and night. My dad is always working because my dad, my mom, my sister, and I like going to Walt Disney World. That’s why I want you to give him a break.
I have been good this year. I help plow and make sledding hills for my sister. I like building legos with my sister. I would like to let you know what I would like. I would like a drum set. Thank you for reading my letter. I hope you can make my dad’s wish come true.
Sincerely, Kentin LaCombe

Dear Santa,
I think that my friend Ryker Dustin would love to see me.
I miss him. In second and third grades, we used to play games.
We had great times together.
This year I have been a very good elf. I help Mrs. Wind in the classroom, all the time. I am kind to friends and look out for others.
Please, if possible, help me have some time with Ryker.
Love, Your Friend,
Dakota Jakeway

Dear Santa,
Please give Hayden a giant stuffed tiger because honestly he needs something to make him happy.
He always seems sad and he is so nice to me and others.
So please, Santa, with all my heart he deserves it, okay?
Santa, please give Jaylynn a hedgehog. She has good manners and is kind. Please give Kota a lifetime of mac & cheese and please give me a puppy.
Love, Abby

Dear Santa,
My mom deserves a free vacation.
I love her and she does a lot of things for us and I think she deserves it.
I hope you can make it come true.
Can you bring her to Hawaii?
I think she should go to Hawaii.
I have been good this year.
I have been helping other students.
Can I have a metal detector for Christmas? I hope you can get it and thank you if you can get it.
Merry Christmas, Brennan

Dear Santa,
My mom deserves a day off of work. She works even when she is not on call! She works on the weekends. She is a counselor for people in recovery, and she deserves a vacation with her family!
All I really want for Christmas is all my family together, but I know you can’t get me that, so I would like a water bottle that can keep your water cold up to 15 hr. or a Barbie jet.
Here are some reasons why.
I have been good except when I have my moments.
I have good grades.
Love, Peyton

Dear Santa,
My little sister Eydis deserves another action figure one from How to Train your Dragon, and she wants the Astrid and Stormfly action figures. She has pink eye and she helps out around the house.
Even though she annoys mom, she still deserves it.
I think Eydis is the best sister ever! She always shares her toys with me even when I’m kind of being mean.
I feel really bad for her because she’s such a good sister and she deserves it.
I have been good this year and I have been helping around the house.
I’ve been getting good grades, and being a good sister by “not finding Snowflake” and making it a big surprise. I’ve also been helping at school.
Now that I have listed the good things about me, it’s time to tell you what I want I want… A HEDGEHOG!! Please and thank you for reading my letter. I hope you can make my wish come true for my little baby sister Eydis.
Love, Jaylynn

Dear Santa,
My mom and dad deserve a day off of everything. They make life a lot better for a lot of people.
They should have a day to spend with their kids, Mackenzie (older sister), Aiden (little brother), and MEEEE!!!! We can all just stay home and spend time with each other. Or we could go out as a family.
They are mostly working.
Well, my dad is usually. ALL NIGHT. My mom is home after school sometimes. When we ride the bus home Kenzie usually watches us, but my mom gets home later.
My dad is at home at times too.
That’s why they should have a day off and the best Christmas EVER!!!!
Okay now it’s my turn.
I really don’t know exactly what I want because don’t want to be selfish or anything. AT ALLLLLLL!!!!
But there is one thing I never put on my wish list at home, that I might add (but my mom said no more pets because they keep dying)!
Anyways, what I really want is a hedgehog!!! I can sometimes keep my room clean. I put my clothes away, I love my parents. I mean, what else is there to do? Well now you know what I’ve done and what I really want. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!!!!!
Love, Rylee Smith

Dear Santa
My mom deserves a new car because her car doesn’t work very well. My mom also deserves enough money to pay her bills and she deserves to take me to the water park or the pool. My mom has worked hard. I think my mom needs new snow pants, gloves, hat, boots, coat, and ear muffs. This year I am working hard in fourth grade.
I am nice to my dad. At school I help with passing papers out. I help clean up, and I am always nice.
For Christmas, may I please have a keyboard piano. I have two piano books and I would put stickers on the keys so I could learn how to play the songs. I would practice and get good at playing piano.
Merry Christmas!

Concord Boyne 4th-Grade
Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like:
a skateboard
a gummy pizza
a bike
a new water bottle
school stuff
a lava lamp
Sincerely, Cadin B.

Dear Saint Nicholas,
Hello Mr. Nicholas!
What I would love to have for Christmas is to have all of my friends believe in you. I know they might believe in you, but I think they just forget to believe. It might seem that everyone forgets you, but they just forget to believe in you, Mr. Nicholas. Otherwise, I would like to have a GoPro for Christmas.
That would be amazing.
Sincerely, Bruce B.

Dear Santa,
What I want for Christmas is…
1. Laser X
2. Five Nights at Freddy’s The Files Book
3. Halo Official Spartan Field Manual
4. Dog Man Fetch 22
5. Undertale Heart Locket
6. Five Nights at Freddy’s Foxy plush
7. Halo 2 for Xbox 360
8. Undertale Sans Plush
9. Wrecking Crew Game for The Nintendo Entertainment System
10. Nightmare Foxy Costume
11. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch
That’s all I want…Merry Christmas!
Sincerely, Bryton

Dear Santa,
Some things I want for Christmas are…
1. my grandma to be safe on the way to Florida
2. an iTunes gift card
3. and, to have a good Christmas
Sincerely, Conner L.

Dear Santa,
I wish I could have a camera and a bendable tripod, and mostly a iPhone 11 Pro.
Sincerely, Cylis

Dear Santa,
Things I would like for Christmas are:
Expensive Art Supplies
Thick Art Paper
Piles of Snow
iPhone 11
More North Way Clothing
Apple Watch
That’s all I want for Christmas
Sincerely, Jake

Boyne Falls 5th Grade
Dear Santa,
How are you and the reindeer?
Have you started loading up your sleigh with gifts? I wonder what I’ll get. I have been really good this year. For example, I fold laundry sometimes, and also feed my cat a lot. I think you should get my mom a cookbook for Christmas.
She really enjoys cooking, so a new cookbook would be a great gift. Also, another reason it would be a great gift for her is because she wants to learn more recipes.
I’m sure my dad would like a new hat. He loves wearing hats, so he’d enjoy this. I’m not sure what it should look like, but I do know that he’d be happy to add another to his collection. My brother, Al, would probably like a computer game for Christmas. He likes to play his computer, and hasn’t gotten a new game (that I know of) for a while.
I’m pretty sure he likes action, so maybe try to get him an action game. Kiki, my cat, would love another bag of her favorite Temptations treats. She likes all flavors, so don’t worry about that part. Just make sure the brand is Temptations, and she’ll love it!
I would like an iPad for Christmas.
A new iPad would probably be less glitchy than my tablet, but I’m still grateful for it. Also, most iPads have a bigger screen, so it would be easier to play. I hope you can get these gifts, but it’s okay if you can’t!
Love, Shainna

Dear Santa,
Hi! I know you are busy, but I just want to tell you that I hope you had a very good year like I did.
I didn’t forget about Mrs.Claus either. She is the best cookie maker in the whole world. I Know she is busy making cookies. I just want to say I have some people in mind for Christmas. If you can get my dad a Christmas gift, it would be a super good Christmas. The gift that my dad needs is a new wallet because his old one is destroyed. For my dog, she wants a new bone, sometreats, and other chew toys.
My dog likes just real meat treats so they would be best. For me, I just want to see my family and my aunt and uncle and my cousins, Ulrick and Tallulah. That is pretty much it and if anything, just give my family the best Christmas ever. I know I can count on you. Thank you both for everything.
Love, Devin

Dear Santa,
Hey Santa! I hope your having the time of your life. Well, I know I’ve been kind of naughty but I’m going to fix it. Did you get the reindeer ready for Christmas? I can’t even wait for Christmas. I mean in 15 days! Is Mrs. Claus ready for Christmas? I’ve got some wishes for my family. For my Mom, I really think she would like some dragons and some fairytale books because she has been through a lot of stuff and has been keeping us safe.
For Tom, I think he should get candles because he loves the smell of candles and he needs some because our house smells a little bit, too.
For Kagan, I think he would like to get the New Modern Warfare because he had gotten a little nicer and he does his chores like he’s supposed to.
For Neanne, Jeffery Star makeup and Shane Darson makeup would be a great gift because she’s been super nice to me and cares about everyone. For Jeremiah, I think he would like Pokemon because he defends other people when someone yells at someone else.
Love, Nevaeh

Dear Santa,
Hi, my name is Weston.
I have been really good this year.
I have helped around the house when help is needed like folding laundry, unloading the dishwasher and loading, and cleaning the bathrooms. For Christmas, can you get Borderlands the Handsome Collection for my brother Porter?
For my mom, she just wants to not have to yell at Porter and me.
For my dad, he just wants the house done. I want a Mario Cart 8 Blue Shell stuffed animal. For my dog, he wants friend. I have a couple more questions. Are you’re reindeer in shape for Christmas Eve night?
I also hope you are not just eating cookies while we are eating fruits and vegetables and being healthy.
Love, Weston

Dear Santa,
Hi King of the North!
I’m Alexia. How are you?
I wanted to share these ideas.
For my mom, I’d like for her to have $100 because she has to take care of three kids and her husband which is pretty rough. My dad needs new tools because his are wearing down.
Bailey would like video games because he is in boring college and has no fun. Jordan would like Barbies because he loves dolls. Tyler, maybe a RC Car because who in the world knows what that boy likes. Me, I would like 10 L.O.L Dolls because I have been x-tra helpful by cleaning and cooking.
Yours Truly, Alexia

Dear Santa,
Hi Santa! Hope you and your elves had a good year making gifts.
It will be Christmas soon. I hope you and your reindeer are ready for the big night. There will be cookies all around the earth so you better be eating those fruits and vegetables.
I hope Mrs. Clause is doing good.
You better be getting rest for the big night. My family would like a few items. For Megan, a new phone case would be a great gift because hers is almost broken in half.
She is really looking forward to be able to get a new phone case.
For my Mom, a new coffee mug because all of her old ones are breaking. She loves having coffee in the morning.
For my Dad, a new coffee table for downstairs because the other one we have is very old.
For my dog, Dusty, he would like some new dog bones (elk bones are his favorite) because he chewed
his bones so much they are so small.
For me, I want a toy race car because when I grow up I want to be a race car driver.
It seems so fun driving a racecar.
I have been a big help doing the dishes and feeding the dog and watering him. also have been trying to be nice to my sister. I have been a big help in my classroom by helping the teacher. I hope you have a wonderful new year and Christmas and I hope you can get the gifts.
Love, Madi

Dear Santa,
Hi, Santa I hope you had a good time this year. I hope the reindeer are ready for liftoff.
My family gifts are below.
For James, please bring hunting clothes because he goes hunting a lot. For Mom, she wants a robot that does the dishes for her. For Abbie, she wants a door handle with a lock on it. For Maci, please bring a giant Barbie house because she likes to play with them. For Dominic, I want good Pokemon cards for Christmas because I like to battle with my friends.
I have been a good boy because I put on movies for my little sister and help my mom clean the room and help make dinner.
Merry Christmas!
Love, Dominic

Dear Santa,
Hi Santa!
I hope you have a good Christmas.
I hope you are getting a lot of cookies and milk to eat and drink.
I hope the cookies are chocolate chip and are decorated with Christmas trees. Don’t eat too many cookies or you might get stuck in some chimneys! If you get stuck in the chimney, the elves will have to bounce and bounce and bounce to get you unstuck. So, before you get stuck, here are some things I think my family will like. Well, wait, just remember don’t get stuck in a chimney. First for my mom, I don’t know what she would want so maybe a new coffee mug because she always takes my Loggers coffee mug.
Next for my dad, I think he would like a lantern for under cars because he always works under cars after work. For Eli, I think he would like a computer monitor because he has wanted one for over a year.
For my grandma, I think she will like a new nightgown or dress because she deserves it.
Now for my pets. My dog, Jaz, needs a doggy treadmill because she is plump. My dog, Mav, would enjoy a new chew toy because all of them are torn apart. Our sugar gliders, Stella and Luna, need a new ball so they can run around as long as they want. So please bring these gifts. Also, I hope you have safe travels around the world in two nights.
Love, Leanne

Dear Santa,
Hi Santa!
I think you would be busy making presents for all of the good children. I was just hoping you had time to read this letter and I am not too late with my family wishes which are down below. Mom would like a new pair of slippers because she doesn’t have any and she does lots of housework. Dad would like a new PS4 controller so he can have fun gaming. He deserves it because he does lots of work.
Brother would like a pair of Xbox One controllers so he can talk to his friends on Xbox. He helped by hauling lots of wood in. Doser would like a new dog bone so he has something to chew on. He deserves a dog bone because he does lots of tricks. Tanke would like a bag of dog treats. He deserves a bag of dog treats because he is a good dog. Ele would like a dog bone so she can play with it and have something to chew on. She deserves a bone because he is a good protector.
Thank you for reading this letter,
Love, Colin

Dear Santa,
Hi Santa.
I hope you have lots of cookies this year. I love cookies, too. I have a few gifts to ask you for. Before I ask, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and I hope you get to all the houses this year. If you see Rudolph and Prancer, tell them I said “Hi.”
For my mom, I would like her to have more time off work because my mom works a lot. For Shane, he would like more parts for his vehicles because he fixes trucks, vans, atvs, rc, and boats. For Kota, more wolf toys would be great because he loves wolves. For Clyde, more pink dog toys to play with would be best.
For Zoey, she would like more bacon dog treats. For Puff, more tug of war toys to play tug with Clyde.
For Uncle Trent, his own house for his daughter and for him would be very nice. Now for me, I would like a computer so I could draw on my drawing pad and play games like chicken. I think I deserve these gifts because I listen sometimes and I try to behave in class and at home.
So that is the list for my family.
I hope you have fun and your reindeer listen to your commands.
Have a Merry Christmas.
Love, George

Dear Santa,
How are you doing this Christmas?
I’m doing great, though my family had a house fire and we lost our pet cat.
We found a new house and it is next to a bakery, so maybe you could visit? So, I have a brother named Orin, and I think he deserves a game called Monster Hunter XX game because he has been good this year and I think he should get it because he’s already bet Monster Hunter World. I think Amaya should get books because Amaya is so good at reading and she likes to read, too.
Mom should get more sewing stuff for her sewing because she likes to do it and at least she has something to do.
My dad should get dagger weapons because he just deserves them. He is so good at it, too.
For Eowyn, she should get her own Legos because she and Melcom keep taking them out of my room.
For Melcom, he should get Legos too because Melcom and Eowyn keep taking them out of my room.
For me, maybe Yu-Gi-Oh cards.
The card i really want is Toon Ancient Gear Golem. The part I like about Christmas is that we get to spend time with our family.
These are reasons why I think my family deserve gifts they would like.
Love, Drizzt


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