OPINION: The clown bus cometh

Guest commentary
Mitch MacKay of East Jordan

GETTING CROWDED DOWN THERE, the Athens Connection circa 5th Century BC may offer some metaphoric clarity, though.

Crucial word that, though, as we know from constant TV coverage.

Little quid pro quo there adding to the crowd under that bus.

Certainly political parties are differentiated more so than normal now but we needn’t linger there over-duly.

There are answers to be found elsewhere.

Alcibiades, ancient Athenian dandy, politician and general, and acquaintance of Socrates, Plato and the rest, was what a noted psychiatrist labeled a psychopath.  Not exactly bloodthirsty as many presume, he did command conquering forces which naturally caused much bloodshed.

The gist though was of a schizophrenic nature manifested in near indecipherable terms.  Chaos, the creating and prolonging thereof, seemed his raison d’etre, his reason to be.

He would build something up only to tear it down in mirthful caprice, even destroying his own accomplishments.  It is suggested that his antics actually led to the death of Socrates under auspices of corrupting the youth, which Al was a youth as Soc grew to the end of life at age 70.  Such ailment is little chronicled but is researchable, especially via internet but some books are in existence about this malady which has accrued more study recently.  To be curt, a madman is running this country.

There is a concomitant malady, though, little considered, that of group hypnosis.  This catatonic state is mirrored in both political factions and general public distraction.

Those persons who cannot deal with rationality thereby envelop irrationality as a beacon through the fogs and mists of that which can be seen and felt but not palpably assimilated in full cognizance.

Tunnel vision, if you will, suffices for message and mission regardless lack of rudder or lifeboat.  The Middle Eastern dilemma, for pertinent instance, is actually one of some 12,000-year duration and assuredly not to be remedied in the dialing or answering of a 15-minute phone call.

And then Vlad Putin, remember him?  KGB guy personified, the old USSR Communist boy.  And fake karate kid we might add.  Nothing worse than high honor bestowed upon low-grade design.

Despite allowance for such auspicious ill-nature, bad-character display in highest office, namely the uber-precise wording of Article II Section 4 of the original US Constitution, and Amendment 25 of the extended Bill of Rights of selfsame derivative, these foreboding remedies are ineffective, inadequate, incapable of resolving this problem. Why?  Because the very culprits are in charge of the necessary proceedings to oust and replace the governing coterie.  The Congress to whom has been granted “All legislative Powers” in Section 1 Article I has been stymied in irresolute action only now revived somewhat to the call to Paul Revere action so to speak, the Ben Franklin moment when “We must all hang together or we shall hang separately”.

And so it has come upon us, we those who have chosen to align with freedom of all things outlined in the 1st Amendment, the time has come once again to arise to the judgment of history being made as we speak and as we stand.  We are all immigrants but for the indigenous natives of Red and Brown skin, we who have opted for the ability to stand guard with the Statue of Liberty in “constant vigilance” of protection of the original ideology. We’re tested once more.

“Through the parlous night” came we but the night hath encroached again as they told us it would.  Many continue to deny this but slowly the awareness converges to even the most cautious resistance to acknowledgment.  There are some who are victim to being “impervious to reason” and some opportunistic to undermining for profit.  The fulcrum is readjusting slowly but inexorably in one direction only, that of realization.

We dare not claim victory, however, for being right can so easily lead to far right intransigence, far left may succumb to laissez-faire insouciance.

No matter what we call or how we visualize God, we do adhere to some higher power as being the guiding light even or especially when the light otherwise has failed as all artificial lamps will.  The US Constitution is indeed a holy sacramental document even with shortcomings indelibly engraved.

We do not proclaim it as such because of the separation of powers decree as relates to old England and Inquisition and Gothic horrors and such.  But most everybody knows that America means freedom from religious persecution as well as other kinds now under the microscope.

And Alcibiades?

He was murdered in Persia, wouldn’t you know, Athenians, even Spartans, being forgiving and willfully extending Prodigal Son benefits, America’s finest feature.  Whither we land this time nary a person can foretell.  Even though this landing is hovering nigh.  The Clown Bus cometh.

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