OPINION: Something funny going on

Guest Commentary by Mitch MacKay of East Jordan


This is no way to run a country.

This has gotten as slipshod as Venezuela. Russia. North Korea.

That’s what you get when you let some bozos into the inner sanctums of power.

Dictatorship basically is the crux of the matter.

Even with Constitutional Tutorials the basics still need tweaking.

You can’t let one guy or cartel have it their way, never works, just subjugates all others.


First, cut all Executive Privileges, Orders, all acts that obviously have no good intentions for all people.  And that includes personal demeanor.

You don’t need or want anyone with a hostile attitude toward all who question his intentions, who uses epithets of personal insult against any who disagree.

Some Constitutional tweaking is necessary, some already accomplished via Amendments, but Executive power will have to be curtailed and channeled through the Congress and Senate.

Courts already have some say in these matters, so appointments and ratifications will need to be likewise scrutinized beyond current standards of political leverage.

Perhaps another body created for just such purpose would be appropriate.  Something must be done about the allowance of one person to wreak havoc with no restraint.  This is absurd, Third World nonsense.

The old guys were at once well-meaning, farsighted, conivorous and shortsighted.

That oxymoron is actual if studied for ramifications.  Conivorous is of course a concocted word meaning “con” plus “carnivorous” sort of mashed together.

James Madison and the boys – and they were all boys – wanted it both ways, individual freedom and checkmate against anybody else getting more freedom than they were personally claiming.

The Electoral College is a prime example of that, no pioneers or indentured servants wanted at the ballot box, no ethnics, nobody but White landowners.

Of course the philamandering has to go, the voting rights restrictions and all underhanded shenanigans banned forever and protected by special services assigned no other purpose than registration and strongly recommended voting, paid holiday, absentee voting, decency, honesty, all incentives fuel-injected, supercharged batteries full speed ahead, whatever it takes.

We saw what stacking and hacking courts and ballot boxes did to fair elections.

And we saw the error of Madison’s ways in allowing such miscreant undermining of the American Way to prevail.

O this is temporary, we may be sure.  It always works this way, that is, darkest before the dawn drama.  It happened in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War Two, looked like the good guys were losing until the final battles.

This will pass and when it does, comes the time to reassess the way it happened and how to correct the overlooked gimmicks that still remain on the books.

“Policy” for one thing is not law.

As Rachel Maddow noted, yes, that Rachel, the policy of not being able to indict a sitting president began in Nixon-Agnew times and was left dangling unresolved.

That’s not Law capitalized, that’s small-case putz.

Appointments by bogus executive need to be taken out of those hands entirely.

Popular vote can take care of all that.  More elections, sure, but, hey, what’re we here for if not to decide how to spend our earned money?  Otherwise we’re just serfs, lackies, peasants, sharecroppers, service-providers.

Of course we need more education.

Every man, woman and child needs access to higher education beginning with Pre-K or Junior Kindergarten because learning starts at ingestion-perception.

With the trillions of dollars wasted on rich folks the whole country can be guaranteed all the education all might want.

Sure, technology and lots of it and available to all young and old at cost, not profit for plutocrats and middlemen.

The ignorant may always be with us, but we might be surprised at what a little learning can do.  As a scion of White Supremacy just said, it was change of environment that changed his mind, namely college and campus, alienating him from family and cult.  It works, not by indoctrination, by edification, a big word that means moral improvement.  Let it be known than cleverness is not intellect.

There are conmen who can’t write a coherent sentence but who finagle swindles by subterfuge and illusion, false promise and fast talk.

Beware the fast talker, the incessant doubletalk: it is not truth because as we now know, for them “Truth isn’t truth.”

Exposure to opportunity is the key to everything, thus such advantage must be geared toward what benefits the most of us, not the shrewdest.

That would be the lowest common denominator worthy of national consideration in terms of reconstitution of nationwide conscience.

Revealing ignorant fakery with the paragon He who laughs last laughs loudest and longest awakens multitudes to the fact that there’s Something Funny going On.


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