OPINION: Socio-commie schizophrenia

By Mitch MacKay of East Jordan

THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO, which, like the US CONSTITUTION, The Mueller Report, no one has read, though all are widely alluded to, in no way resembles that which came to be termed dreadful Communism.

Socialism is much closer.

There is thence much confusion and diffusion inherent to the participles ill-defining the socio-economic idealisms misrepresented.

Most people in the US combine the two terms as one regardless the glaring fact of Social Security and Social Services that all partake of.


Capitalism is an inorganic growth upon the base of social living, a middleman distributor but originally a craftsman trading goods and services for other commodities and arts.

When coined and paper money came to be the method of accounting, the banking industry was born.


Usury or rentier in French grew from out the use of money to make money.

It was a fallacy to infer that those who practiced usury were to blame for inequality because all factions throughout history utilized credit to gain their desires be they war, industry or socio-political ideals.

Artificial economics has become the law of the land supporting itself by taxation via commerce under banner of Democracy.

What then is China?

It’s a Communist state but one indulging heavily in Capitalism.  Russia, the primal Communist autocracy, banned all economic transactions but the despotic rulers sit atop mountains of cash.  Likewise Chinese leaders have trillions of dollars at their disposal, North Koreans too in extreme primitivist imitation of Communism.  China’s might lies in economics whereas other Communist-based countries indulge in weapons buildup and subterfuge, rather sophisticated despite the near-total lack of actual freedom for citizenry.  Chinese and Russian citizens want Democracy in the best kind of way but settle for the worst until such time as underground or overland revolution shall take place.  North Korea is the throwback to civilization, the freaky hermit gulag flirted with by one who seeks tyrannical takeover of the Democratic United States.  In this directive, unbeknownst to most, lies Communism at its core.

Totalitarian power, sought more openly as velocity increases, in guise of return to more prosperous times, slogans, fakery replete, seeks control over that outlined succinctly in the American First Amendment, namely, freedom of the press, speech, religion, assembly to petition redress of grievances.  None of that would be acknowledged in the Communist takeover of America under false-flag of MAGA.

Mistake this at our own peril, the iron fist of Communism seeks grasp upon the American Dream and is apparent at present hovering around the Statue of Liberty as a ghoulish Walking Deal zombie, a cartoonish grim reaper with hammer and sickle.  To devotees and malcontents this appears as a return to good times, Happy Days are Here Again tintinnabulation.  It is futile to try to convince them otherwise.  Naturally any who vouchsafe this as foreboding are labeled extremists because the schizophrenic nature has infiltrated the communications network allowing a free-floating vertigo to suffice as political policy.  Schizophrenia leads to hypocrisy albeit often unwittingly simply due to the gravitational pull being on pause through dissimulation or pretense disguising actual motives, blatantly: deception.

Paradoxically the term Communism is used in counterpunch as accusation against those who try to expose the attempted incursion of this subterfuge.  Russian interference in US politics is hinged upon this inversion of terms.  Hence, those who accuse current leadership of Communist intentions are themselves accused of being Communists, these retorts invariably being mere kneejerk reactions without substantial statistical verifications because there are none.  Reference herein is a philological analysis of that which is actually taking place or trying to gain foothold.  “Trumpistan” and other inferences are the metaphorical nuances phrased but few take heed other than satirically.  These are all too real despite inchoate allusion: “What you see is not happening”, “Truth isn’t truth” &c.

Americans are mesmerized currently and rendered inanimate but for rhetorical discontent from either side of the spectrum of opinion, fact, in fact, being rather disposable and negligible.

This is the result of schizophrenic unintentional hypocrisy.  Many if not most exist in anti-gravity existentialism.  In such climate, forces of deceit are free to coerce inanition to movement toward Communism without the slogan even being uttered.

We don’t know yet how far-reaching this infiltration has metastasized though intention seems revealed the more the reports are released.  Communism uses deceitful kompromat as means to its ends: totalitarian takeover, schizophrenia as weightlessness which allows inroad thereunto.  Those duped into following such propaganda succeed only in reducing, obliterating the Republican Party’s original ideals to substandard pseudo-existence although the adherents will regroup one day because bicameralism is a necessity of the Democratic Republic.

Likewise, the balance of powers will, if the USA is to be prolonged, recalibrate the Constitutional provisions as such, rid itself of the Socio-Commie Schizophrenia influx.


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