OPINION: New moon arising

By Mitch MacKay of East Jordan


You can feel it, the surge and the hesitance, pent up revitalization trying to burst forth, thwarted, resurgence, antagonism, deliberation, ad infinitum, déjà vu all over and back and round again, King George III resurfaces, his entire Court intact.


America struggles to preserve the heart and soul of its very essence, maybe even its very existence, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere redux two hundred-forty years later, same script, amateur method-actors.

Though incomprehensible to many, the defenders of inequality – those who recently professed Republican conservatism though the concept is muddied plus the axis cartel of bureaucracy, banking and business interests – and those who are inexplicably supportive with meager benefit if any, hang onto shriveling shreds of hedonism and its stepson patriotism in class-distinction style, boss and worker.  Not to “suggest”, for that is a problematic word for AG William Barr, that class stratification is within the scope of social or political obliteration, for “The poor will always be with you” so spake The Master, bolstered by social position, for epistemology, the study of the limits of human knowledge, is subject beyond academically to heredity and environment.

Not all seek wisdom or even knowledge.

There is a class, or subset of middle-upper-middleclass ranking subservient to the cultural-economic elite, that wants certain levels of the low-hanging fruit at their disposal just above the normal reach of mankind.

These are often represented as politicians, entrepreneurs, middlemen, CEOs, bankers, that carry with them an assortment of wheeler-dealers, conmen, grifters, and organized crime bosses.

Infiltrating the conclaves of the spectrum of wealth distribution from as close to top as is possible descending to the middleclass echelons of working folk and even poor, they syphon lucre and favor illicitly but often under borderline legal aegis.

Dissimulation under any other name, the deceptive nature of heist purveyors, inclusive even of “soul murder” in psychological terms (it’s fascinating to watch some bureaucrats, politicians and security personnel try to save their immortal souls or their mortal freedom whereas others seem intent on spiritual and material annihilation), “gaslighting” being the contemporary lingo, the gist is of predator-prey syndrome which in times of hardship reverts to prey preying upon prey in survival motive.

In the extreme example we had German Gentiles preying on German Jews in the Holocaust era with nary remonstrance nor compunction.

Still and all in all, balking acknowledged, the change is upon us, that of rearising to the potential that we know is always there albeit so often subdued, that of peace and prosperity for all of us regardless race, gender, politics, ethnicity, proclivity, talent, “smarts”, or health.

That doesn’t mean Socialism, Capitalism being the mainstay for all things American.

There are capitalistic problems, however, that need addressing – might as well start with the Electoral College which has outlived its retirement benefits on hospice deathwatch – whereas socialistic programs make up close to half of deeply-ingrained American satiety thanks to Security, i.e. Social and all programs beneficial to the Public, namely anything with that prefix.

In this tenuous age of communications and transportation, that is to say transition to something like only God knows what, we have unevenly distributed cell phone and computer internet availability dependent on economics, age, health, and all those other very real restricting variables.

Then we find disruption in government internally just as much as worldwide, this US Government now undergoing eclipse with no tangible sunrise predictable for the failing, flailing, clutching desperate administration, only penumbra and azimuth, viz. partially-lit shadows and spatial rimshot tympany percussion bewilderment at our little planet adrift in an endless universe.

Which reduces to a Constitutional quandary if and when this dilemma of politicking is at least aired if not quite resolved – that which allowed this undermining effect to take hold of the gut of America in such wraithlike bony grasp for so many – those few schemers will be seen to have reaped the spoils rendered unto them by the masses with full facility bestowed by bureaucracy.

Do these schemers and devotees not realize they are making America vulnerable to foreign influence, subjugation, even takeover?

This is the worst kind of irony.

Do they care? No.

In short, some readjustment of quality of life needs to be readdressed for all of us in lieu of the few, just as it was in postwar America of 1945 through something like the mid-seventies.  Again, all the tech paraphernalia is available to those able but doesn’t take into consideration those unable.

Public library access is helpful for some but not for all.

Likewise access to public transportation.  Much of which consideration comes down to government policies and political will and wont for government central does assume the role of well-meaning mother and father in its most respectful responsible intention.

Having allowed through slack monitoring and abuse the current administration’s antipodal foibles to gain traction needs reevaluation in moral-ethical exigency, namely Constitutional and common-sensical directives as rapidly as the spontaneity of legislative Impeachment Inquiry transpiring now, the beleaguered executive importuning of the whistleblower confrontation being an obvious means of revealing (fingering) his accuser in true Mafia style.

This being acted out now would be illustrative of the dark side of the moon.

Though many will rhetorically profess commiseration that all God’s children and – in perfunctory sympathy – especially those in true obvious need should be cared for, few beyond tribal family affairs will do so but for rhetorically.

This, aside from church and local beneficent organizations, is left to government affairs, the equalizing factor that Big Government does supply when managed by the humanitarian-oriented in office.

This is what is missing now in the US, a sense of leadership for all instead of the few by the Resident in Office, no President there.

Convoluted illogic and absolute lack of logic pervades amongst those classes that are too busy working to dwell on such matters.

Propaganda finds toehold there readily and some of the communications networks seem ever-ready to promote and accommodate that sort of faked kompromat, ownership thereof worth our investigation if we wish to know the instigation and beneficiaries.

The dark moon is on the wane, which means:

The new moon is rising nonetheless aglow, the moon which governs the very tides, the tides that are turning, our beautiful sunlight-reflected moonwalk tidal lovers’ crescent-to-full symbol in the near dear starshine skies above the muck and mire of gluttonous self-indulgence.

Many of those stars are of human image, the young, the feminine, the people of color arising along with the moon in dignity, determination and empowerment.

Bureaucracy stands aside now and then when moonglow modulates to sunlight and nefarious intentions slink into the shadows to bide their time until dark returns to welcome their dark reemergence, the specter of Watergate.

The yin and yang of life goes on.

As young Congresswoman Barbara Jordan said in 1974 at the Nixon Hearings, “the destruction of this Constitution” is narrowly avoided.

The New Moon is Rising.

As always ‘tis good to prepare and stock up when times are propitious for positive action in terms of survival and as much benevolence as is deemed worthy and possible, in other words, core Constitutional recalibrating is nigh.

Very likely it is that such negative motion prompts positivity in reaction simply because the beneficent among mankind become enabled to act out their inclinations humanely wherefor they have been stifled in wry cynicism beforehand.

This sense, a morbid fog lifting, a psychic sense of sunrise reflected on humanity’s ancillary nightlight highlight beacon through the darkness, is the meaning of New Moon Arising.


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