OPINION: Indomitable America

By Mitch MacKay of East Jordan

FEARLESS, BRAVE, INTREPID, COURAGEOUS, and it must be inserted sometimes wrongheaded, foolish and brazen, that’s the image portrayed round the world.  That image convinced the world that slavery was ignoble, that monarchy was undemocratic, that totalitarianism was inhumane.  America defeated them all.

Now they’re back for more.

The Mueller Report, for those actually listening, rejected those authoritarian tenets as if Communism revisited, which in analysis it truly resembles, replete with gawkers and stalkers and carpetbag hawkers in various guises often mimicking the groups that formed throughout history to support undermining of Democracy capital D.

America, that is, Americans, bounced back every time to protect and preserve what’s known as Freedom capital F, and through which Donald Trump proclaimed himself to be effed lower case f.  No one would say such except in circumstances derived from luck-of-the-draw gamble, underhanded dealing, or want of attaining something that seemed out of reach be it for good, survival or fortune.  American citizens, inclusive of those immigrants drawn by promise of partaking of such energized security, praise Liberty capital L before all else.  Of course, a lot of settled valiant and patriotic warriors, though they’ve been apprised of the dangers to liberty being inflicted, don’t react because they don’t see it that way, at least not yet.  If they do, look out!  Most people, though, they say, wanted Mueller the Movie, not the stuffy government book, got neither thus are relegated to awaiting outcomes assimilable or survivalist. 

If Americans are anything, they are survivalists.  That energy is imbued in immigrants as much as citizens, which latter are but minimal generation immigrants themselves.  One exception of note is Robert E. Lee the Fifth of Virginia, heir apparent to the statues throughout the South capital S.  Available via Google or similar internet search, this family disavows affiliation with slavery but only reveres the family name as historical relevance, actually supports the removal of said statues for placement in museums of American History instead of inciting the riots such as Charlottesville.  Slavery, after all, was rampant throughout history, Europe being as guilty prior to the American Revolution. 

The seedy neighborhoods Trump disavows as ghettos in Baltimore exist scant blocks from Fifth Avenue New York City in that demarcated paeon to Arts & Entertainment.  This charge, hence, is mere rhetorical prejudice.  America, nonetheless, accepts them all in a smorgasbord of cultural diaspora landed at these shores.  Trying to stop this is futile but even those protagonists are accepted much as pro-antebellum protectors who focus on the charms of Southern life such as Robbie Robertson’s ode to Dixieland, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.  Though unofficial, America accepts all comers as family, even Mafia, KKK, the DC swamp, inequality, Up From Slavery, undocumented immigrants, fantastic riches among desperate poverty, central air next to sweltering heat deaths, 44-day holidays for politicians while immigrants languish in concentration camps at the US Border, illiteracy versus PhD professors, hippies and hardhats, red state-blue state-purple state, lost jobs versus new technology, and so on and on.  America the “Melting Pot” says C’mon in, at your own risk, sure, but do it anyway, we’ll work it out.  We’ll think of something.  And we do.  As they say, once you’re embedded, you’re American.

This round may seem like the Big One, and who knows but maybe it is, though we’ve been here before many times, the darkest before the dawn terrors and all things desperate.

Younger people tend to see things as dire and immediate because they’ve not been tested as by fire yet, whereas older people have been through the mill, the gauntlet, and know that, sure, times get tough, sometimes mortally so, but most times they make it through, maybe a bit dented and scarred but very much alive and still kicking.  Not to suggest that other countries haven’t faced the same threats, they certainly have, but they for multiple centuries, even millennia, to keep scorecards.  Devil’s Island, Australia, Gulag Siberia, God knows what Chinese isolations, all survive and ultimately break loose and prosper after a fashion in some way.  America is just a little quicker on the draw and well-honed like Western Movies portrayed.  That fearlessness is still here despite differences of opinion as to how it’s enacted, why and by whom.  Everybody gets a chance ultimately.  That’s the thing about the USA, the adamant continuum of standing up to be heard.  Even those who decry others standing up, vociferously, get their say in the matter.

No one but no one knew during the dark days of the Civil War, WWII, yea, the War of Independence once and twice, what was coming, nor is it known how this internecine war will resolve in Constitutional cost-benefit.  It’s worth noting, though, we’ve been through this before.

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