OPINION: Inciting a riot

By Mitch MacKay of East Jordan

FIVE YEARS AND/OR FINES so state federal and State laws for anyone inciting others to riot whether personally involved or via remote transmission.  TV, twitter, internet take care of the latter, disgruntled listeners and readers take up the inciter’s rant physically.

It’s clear that this president has committed these crimes interminably, even beginning in first dubious day in office.


Because these laws are also State statutes, no prohibition thwarts indictment of any who commit such crimes, in other words, any State so afflicted may charge a sitting executive thusly.

Presumably all are waiting for the election to decree open season but they don’t have to wait.  Though allowance seems incomprehensible, and the stakes continue to grow to now three per day or whatever the statistics determine at the passing moment, these Federal and State Governments do nothing to stop this carnage.  They talk.  Oh yes, and offer Thoughts and Prayers.  

That’s like trying to unshoot the gun; it doesn’t work that way.  Prayer vigils, candlelight solemnity, might have some affect beforehand, not much afterward.  What’s done is done, over and over again.  Still, nobody will do anything.  That, by scanning American history and ramifications, is not the American Way.  Americans are here to get things done, like Giterdun, not to mess around fidgeting and fussing about how to do it.  But it seems the country has folded inasmuch as coming to any actual terms about getting anything resolved.  We should reconsider the pay-scale of the elected and selected officials involved to question more about accepting such indolence.  This info is found instantly online, such as base pay for Congress persons being $174,500 per annum plus about thrice10 that for incidentals like offices, staff, publications, travel, benefits, and the crucial one:  retirement pensions.  Suffice to say that elected personnel are very well paid and pensioned, thank you, though we don’t hear any thanks from those quarters.

The core of the matter comes back to the guy inciting to riot, and we know exactly who that is.  Criminal Justice, Psychologists, Constitutionalists et al will be discussing this era for centuries, and all because of one lunatic psychopath who, like P T Barnum found great pleasure and wealth in hoodwinking the public for their entertainment which all gladly paid for and continue to do so.  Trump the Inciter has dominated the news for the past 2½ years with some sleazy talent show practice beforehand.  But he’s a criminal already proven.  The weird fact that America has allowed this to be will be bandied about for possibly millennia to come, another Benedict Arnold, and the looming question now is as to how long this country will allow this to go on.  Everybody knows the instigating process since it’s televised every day.

This won’t stop; know why?  Apart from the foregoing, there is another factor:  White Supremacism.  Almost all these mass shootings are done by White males, yet another indicator, as in, no females involved.  This includes those White males in other countries.  White males are the aggressors, the imperialists; that’s how this country came to be and many others as well.  White Caucasian males are the ingenious inventors of the world at this stage of human evolution.  It may be supposed that this is changing and we assuredly await results, probably very soon, like November 03, 2020.  It’s all we have left, folks, other than what we’ve managed to salvage to date.

Until then we must be prepared for more of the same, more mass murders, more unhumanitarian atrocities at the border, more slander of minorities even of legitimate citizenship, more misogyny, more tax breaks for the wealthy, more oppression of the poor and working class, obliteration of the middleclass, no infrastructural upkeep, further degradation of the Washington DC Swamp, no action whatsoever by Congress but for token studies and meetings, no follow through on subpoenas, little court action from sub-courts, absolute partisanship from the Supreme Court, all benefits continually limited and defunded, foreign wars enacted without Congressional approval, the USA, in short, to suffer near annihilation until election next.  And, get this: this guy, this usurper to the throne, wants to be dictator for life.  Got that?  Okay.

Now, with premise established, the board game plays on till the bitter end from which we pretty much anticipate positive outcome but await the thrills a la P T Barnum’s Greatest Show on Earth.  Barnum, thereafter to be Barney & Bailey, set the stage for the Traitor-Trump/Moscow-McConnell/Leningrad-Lindsey Mob and the world will be fortunate indeed if they don’t actually incorporate Vladimir to become Putin & Trump’s Freakiest Show on Earth.  It could realistically happen.  Meanwhile, nobody’s safe anywhere anymore unless we carry loaded weapons at all times and arm teachers and schoolkids.

This is America?


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