OPINION: Everything’s breaking down

By Mitch MacKay of East Jordan

YOU CAN SEE IT, YOU CAN FEEL IT, but many are able to avoid looking at it, tightening up their guts and carrying on, or, in increasing cases, falling on the highway in fatigue and despair.

Checking statistics about military and police suicides is bewilderingly devastating.

Some notice of this trend is heard via media but no nationwide effort is seen to alleviate any symptoms, at least nothing substantially equating to doing anything.

This starts at the top, a top-down thing.  Despite supporters, we might as well say cult devotees, laws both statutory and constitutional have been broken innumerable times, but somebody must be keeping score.  But nobody will do anything to rein in the culprits.  Only henchmen to date have been charged due to the erroneous assumption that the top dog can’t be indicted while sitting, which is nonsense and a scam by those who stand to gain by stalling.

That takes us into a second tier of breakage, inanition by those designated to act.  There are many tiers below this in societal declension and the fracturing is comminuted which means kaleidoscopic.

From social to weather patterns, the slippage is unstoppable, ascertained by sheer observation of the steady decline in all sectors.  We needn’t list so many but suffice to point to infrastructure as indicator.

Roads and the industrial products for passengers carried on them are not being fixed and they’re not about to be fixed.  Token efforts only belie the replacement with patches to convince the public that upgrades are coming which are not, lying having become the new normal.

Auto workers striking and many industrial products heading south, though, proves the truth of downgrading in US productivity.  Sinking middle-class buoyancy is still explained by need of upgrading educational skills that cannot be accomplished with high cost of education and lifetime debt.

These third and fourth tier levels of American breakdown include business, banking and bureaucracy, the latter which is the largest employer of US workers.

They, like business and banking float on the fragile waters of economic fluctuation with constant threat of inflation and recession having narrowly survived the Great Recession of 2007-08 which, though downplayed, would have been Great Depression 2.0 had not the federal government stepped in with bailouts and stimuli even at cost of arrogant CEO bonuses.

Bob Dylan’s song “Everything is Broken”, one of his last efforts on broken CD before hanging up his holsters and badge, tells it well and poetic inasmuch as this has been foreseen for a long time even though many still cling to the rejuvenation power of American ingenuity.

This is a poignant issue since that’s the character of this country as the whole world well knows.  In its faltering there is hence much denial, anosognosia silent g psychologically.  With this denial so widespread amongst the populace who seem able and willing to proceed on that basis the erosion continues unabated but with uncertainty.

Many are vacantly unaware that something is happening that’s beyond their control and as long as paychecks keep coming there’s no need felt to look at that which is faltering elsewhere and perhaps around them.

The workers with solid jobs, for instance, see no reason to empathize with the convenience store worker who holds two or three jobs without health insurance or the single mom who struggles to balance childcare with low wage clerical work – it simply doesn’t matter because it doesn’t affect those who manage to hang on to older means of commerce while it lasts.

Ignorance is bliss, that is, to ignore.

Then coming to the farmers both large and small, their productivity is based on fragile balance of economics on a worldwide basis now.

How that all shakes out nobody knows.

Farmers Markets and farm stands are a good bet for little to no pesticides and freshness although costs may not be competitive.

Big Agriculture is predictable but that doesn’t apply to quality.  Family farms are being foreclosed due to tariffs, as bad an indicator as any.

Medically the profession relies on automated sophistication more or less running itself with technological progress but hands-on care and therapy don’t exist anymore except in prescribed doses aligned with health insurance plans, the delineator of all medical procedures.

Computerized programs remotely run this country, which accounts for the scams tapping into this process in cleverer ways each passing month via phone, mail, internet, lately cell phone.  Automation, artificial intelligence (AI) is upon us and means us no good, only harm.

Medically the Hippocratic Oath no longer applies, rather quaint as it’s referred to as are all other aspects of life once considered stable.

But apart from all that, or more precisely including all that, there’s a malaise permeating the consciousness of America.

Everything’s breaking.

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