OPINION: Do-nothing Congress

By Mitch MacKay of East Jordan


One of continuing skits he came on stating, paraphrased, “I have been asked what I’m gonna do about military buildup, taxes, government waste, civil and criminal justice, roads, parks, pollution, and parity of pay. And my answer to the American people is this: NUTHIN.”

He went on to much applause and laughter, cynical as well as frivolous, about why he was doing nothing, which was that it was pointless anyway.

Forward to the do-nothing Congress of today, 50 years later, Paulson obviously being before most readers’ time, albeit the same situation exists today.


We see outrages every day on television, internet, radio, press, that are meant to outrage but nobody steps up to do anything about, far be it rectify.

They are not about to fix anything.

We the People can’t do much other than talk, write, vote, assemble, redress grievances and so on, which amounts to voting anyway whether townhall or State and Federal election.

Those so imbued with the power to make changes won’t move because they don’t have to, moreover it benefits them not, in fact can hurt their employment packages.  And those packages are not chickenfeed.  Researching via internet for pay, perks and pensions of legislators, it is stressed that the private sector pays better than the elected and selected.  This, however, limits salary, pension info to the mid-to-upper levels of commerce, not the workforce rank and file, which is all the rest of us.

Congress functionaries make a base pay of $174,000 a year, plus office, medical and travel allowances, retirement pensions that vary with time served, 5 years minimum, $40-74,000+ for life.

So why do I and others keep harping on this?  Well, there is this thing called humanitarianism, heard of it?  I don’t like to know of children being abused by the US Government and nobody doing anything about it.  I mean, like, sleeping on concrete, no blankets, bare rations, no toiletries, no sunlight, basically Concentration Camp fare Hitler style.

If anyone finds a civilian doing anything vaguely resembling this abuse he/she is strung up by the ankles and whipped like a bad dog, translation, prosecuted and harshly sentenced.  Not the US Government though, the DHS, DHHS, Border Patrol and the rest of the acronymic bunch.

That’s not America, not the America I have known and even all the shortcomings throughout five centuries history.  We know better now, which makes it five hundred times worse.

But don’t expect the Trump administration to do anything.  They don’t even care.  Trump’s too busy distracting the world from his own problems and complaining about Democrats and Hillary, maybe a dig at Obama while bemoaning the fate of the guy who’s trying so hard to correct everything everybody else did, according to him, and his upcoming trials and tribulations, poor baby.

And we needn’t expect anything forthcoming from Congress, either sector.  The House makes token gestures whereas the Senate blocks everything.  With children being tortured any normal person would think that intervention would be nigh.


America the Nazi, the Communist, says that’s okay.  Newscasters spout forth daily on the atrocities to no avail, no one makes a move to alleviate anything no matter how horrible.  This is America the wussy now, America the defunct.  End of story.  Period.  Full stop.  There’s no coming back from this.  Once discredited no amount of contrition can make up for what has been wrought, what has been lost.  Not even blaming Trump for these disgraces will help, too many others facilitate the downfall.

Allow me to accentuate this in this way:  If a militia group went to the border to free some children and take them to safety, the DHS, US military, bureaucrats, politicians, local cops, Border Patrol, and whatever vestiges of Secret Services were available, would descend upon the militia in full-dress-rehearsal ammo to ward them off.  Further, let it be known that if politicians and other involved parties were to find their own children, grandchildren so treated, the might of the US everything would come down on the perpetrators.  Much the same as if Hurricanes Maria and her siblings had touched down on Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket, those cleanup crews would be there instantly if not beforehand.

Otherwise there is immense complacency about Third World immigrants just as there was toward First World asylees in WWII, Japanese citizens in the same compounds now caging babies and children.  This is the State of the disjunctive Union now, 2019.  Don’t get nervous, folks, they’re not gonna do NUTHIN.  Like Pat Paulson.  This coming election will see more changes in personnel but not much in programs or progress.  The writing is on the wall: do nothing by Do-Nothing Congress.


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