OPINION: Consolidation national

Guest Commentary by Mitch MacKay

NOT SOCIALISM, NOT NATIONALISM, a blending and conflating of the divide in this country, this is what can arise through the outlandish and momentous altercations of the present.

Blatantly the dichotomization of ideals has come into sharp focus under the microscope of political and legal maneuvering equaling only exigent ultimatum upheavals in history like the Revolutionary War, Civil War, World Wars and Civil Rights.

This is another one of those milestones being enacted in real time with real people, the drama no less dire than ever.

“The True Believer” by Eric Hoffer, 1951, explores mankind’s vast array of social ills and attempts at reconciliation.

Few solutions are presented, many variables.  Plato’s writings, from whence most Western culture is derived, conceded that there is no way of governing people that satisfies all.

The US CONSTITUTION, is presently more vilified and virtuous than ever, exacerbating, questioning even the intentions within the foundation of the hallowed Writ.

No social order to date has worked as ideal for all, most actually not designed to do so, those few attempts soon beleaguered, dissipated or destroyed, at best hanging on in suzerain conclaves.

Liberal, Conservative, National, Social, all directives lead astray from a solidarity, only driving wedges between each promulgated belief system.

Hoffer, self-styled philosopher longshoreman, an occupation he held for much of his working life, wrote in postwar America of incompatible ideologies stifling the world emerging from the global onslaught.

That Allied forces won is a tribute to all glorification attributed to the age-old precept of Good over Evil.  This seems to work as fundamental reason to be and to coexist as the Marshall Plan and the Reconstruction attempts exemplified as righteous affirmation after such gore and destruction.

These ideals hold up fairly well through time.

The United States is again confronted with a split right down the middle, hence hedges bets toward righteous consolidation over separatist values foisted as greatness.

Rhetoric, politically plebeian, is misleading as we find in the constant prevarication of facts and opinions which have led to a minefield of faithlessness in any construction of speech or writ.

Thus we return to the Constitution more, the Bible for some, family, community, the stalwart foundations that tend to remain paperweights through all turmoil.

With natural disasters multiplying it’s tempting to conjure some Armageddon explanations for this unrest and science surely adds kindling to the blaze.

Propaganda may be discerned by simple tests.

Misdirected or ad hominem speech and writings equate with red herring distractions from core principle discourse and can be isolated as such by easy reckoning of intentions of salesmanship, for that is the carnival barker’s mode in selling to the throngs of onlookers and participants.

Frenetic doubletalk is no joke, it’s the way of the hustler, known by various titles, conman, grifter, grafter, shark, shyster, and of course lawyer, politician, businessman.

As Waylon Jennings wrote and sang, “Be careful of something that’s just what you want it to be.”

It never is.

The Hoffer essays explain all aspects and issues of social order, his True Believer being neither right nor wrong but acting in accordance with his times and probabilities.

As per Plato, there is no one right way lest we revert to the principles of Jesus, Lao Tzu, Buddha and other selfless exemplars of how to deal with physical reality.

Modern philosophers have added unto in their way, Robert Pirsig in particular, a condensed wrap of all philological thought extant, sociology, psychology, biology &c and the ongoing archaeological and geological breakthroughs adding to our knowledge of a younger Earth and its peoples.

Whether the USA has the better shot at a consolidated nation is vicissitudinous.

China was consolidated for centuries, perhaps millennia, in its stolid isolation and reverence for the pacifistic life of simplicity and devout insulation, only now arising to unknown status change.

Europe has such variegated past lives as to confound any rating of viability in the coming reordering of culture.

If America is to consolidate, it would be the culmination of the experiment begun 225 years ago and more, the crux of this matter seemingly thrust into the spotlight recently not to be ignored much longer.

Current leadership being slipshod and more than questionable, this might be the time of the reckoning.  It might also be just another flop, a decline and fall, but signs point otherwise.

Presumably most people want solidarity, plausibly a minority wants an unsettled existence or one of privilege notwithstanding poverty right across the road.

No one wants to admit defeat and that will be the delicate task ahead, but there are some obstacles in the way, immovable and irredeemable.

Yes, ‘tis true, for some there is no redemption, not in this life in this world anyway.

National consolidation beckons just beyond reach.