OPINION: Climate change is upon us

Guest Commentary
By Mitch MacKay of East Jordan

CALL IT WHAT WE WILL, climate change is upon us. Uniformitarianism, the theory of slow Earth evolution as if a sleeping giant, takes not into account that the giant, a female, might wake up someday.

This is Gaia, the primordial Earth Mother Goddess of Life according to ancient Greek mythology.  Scientifically, ergo, biologically, geologically, archaeologically, ecologically, anthropologically, and recently technologically, the theory of uniformity is cast as Limburger cheese, that is, shot full of holes.

Gaia and Science remain intact.  But under attack.

Simple study of grade school level science survey tells of Earth Changes affecting the entire globe even though news accounts of slow motion animation and sudden flash-in-the-pan meteorite barrages and the like seek to account for that which science already has a solid handle on if not the origin thereof nor the final outcome but for some form of entropy with a dying sun.

Our preternatural Press nee history books are as informative as they are misleading, it is true, but enough facts are extractable to formulate an idea of the development and monitoring of the globe as a home base, which it surely is, the universe as yet not inviting for resettlement anywhere else.

None of us here, meant to infer absolutely no one alive or departed, knows from whence we came or how this planet actually developed but for theorizing and pragmatics.

There have been ascended masters of wondrous deeds performed while here amidst us but translation of wisdom imparted leaves same gaps in full knowledge of the Beginning and the finale.

Instead we have a vague concept of eternity and infinity illustrated mostly by space itself, this universe, the all, the everything that can be observed by telescope or lying on the grass on a midsummer’s eve looking at ten trillion stars aglow in the endless heavenly spectrum above.

Efforts to save the world are worthy and a bit surprising considering the materialistic way of most worldly commerce and especially in these times of technological advancements, comfort of living and all things sophisticated even unto the least of us, for we almost all have basic living amenities at our convenience.

Uprisings such as Global Citizen and others inform the populace of this world that some are concerned about the destructive nature of mankind in terms of Gaia.

The leadership of this country in particular seems determined to negate all efforts at working with nature in lieu of extracting the immediate benefits to arrogant hedonism.

The eggshell, as it were, seems to be cracking though.  We, the People, are indeed The World.

This which we walk upon ought to be respected as host.  Even in the 1950s and 60s the rogue and renegade youth that rebelled were not opposed to the motherhood and fatherhood concept, just the values falsely superimposed upon the burgeoning comfort zones then accumulated.

The recent resurgence perhaps comes from the growing awareness of the tightening of natural resources which is due to the profit margins of big corporations and the increasingly avaricious nature of the shifted fulcrum of preponderance in economic distribution.

Michael Moore the filmmaker, we all know who he is, was led by fame and fortune to New York City but landed back in Michigan, Traverse City, by means of hinterland dedication, to relate in TV show interview that he is paying $800 a month for all things cyber-ware whereas he paid $50 in New York.  Such is the cost of rural life at the “final mile” outposts.

This resurgence comes from multiple sources although the impetus seems to be of one directive: all is not well.

Mother Earth and her children are the recipients of ill will.

Even those who subscribe to the quotidian press version of seawater-to-simian evolution are beginning to realize that in doing nothing they are doing harm.

There is also an age-old message to mankind that a great cataclysm is nigh this century, not especially due to any antipathy of man, just a natural order of readjusting the natural way of earth and water, mountain and valley.

In that sense we are only hurrying it along, both destruct and restore modes albeit destruction seems the heavy in this act.

Science itself verifies much of this empirically and predictably.

The great 20th century seer Edgar Cayce told in trance of these coming changes that may not be stopped because it has long been in formulation.  Nonetheless, all advise that some heed should be given to preparations.  Thus far none has.

The minority of concerned persons is as a voice crying in the wilderness perceived as the boy crying wolf where there is none.  The voice is heard solely by those to whom actualization comes slowly.  Only personally do we normally react to threat of global warning.


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