OPINION: Better luck next time

Guest Commentary by Mitch MacKay of East Jordan

KEEP THE BAD GUYS OUT before they get in, that would be the rationale to apply in government affairs.

James Madison, yes The James Madison, more or less predicted this kind of subversive infiltration with malleable wording for future tweaking and also literal reading in current assimilation but meanings have been thwarted in ensuing centuries from original intentions.

Whether or not this suggests some changes to the CONSTITUTION via Amendments is up for grabs.

Naturally there are allied forces saying regression is the way, that is, repression harking back to times when Americans were more subdued by way of government of States and Federal statutes, Jim Crow and some federal inhibitions, some overturned, some not.

We stand at a crossroads due to the entrance of Donald Trump but there were throngs of those inclined toward suppression already hard at it to subvert the nation to what has become known as Conservative Values, a misnomer although now the synonym for bigotry, racism, gender discrimination, voter suppression, economic inequality, housing and vocational limitation, attacks on education, communications and transportation.

“Preserving Privilege” is the insidious phrase now identified as the goal of the mostly Republican Party platform though they do not claim such aloud but only inferentially.

If not for MSNBC, CNN and FOIA access we couldn’t even partially clarify this insinuation of attack from within.

“Obstruction of Justice” is found in bastions that govern this entire country, now rendered obvious through these efforts at “transparency,” more than a word, a concept and a declaration, a symbol, a cause, a movement.

Those that seek and devise ways of preserving privilege work at it nonstop whereas those who detect this and arise in angst and protest don’t normally do so and when so don’t perpetuate the redoubt against intrusion the next time and the next which is in perpetual motion. 

Nipping this in the bud is the key, the essence to maintaining a levelheaded leadership which encompasses all beings within and without in equilateral respect and rights.

No sense fudging and hedging about this, the deal is that some want to take away rights from the many to give them to the few amplified.

That is not Democracy, not even Capitalism; that is dictatorship and that is what the US and hence much of the world faces right now.

Elections have come to represent the ways and means of stabilizing the country and also the ways of disrupting it as we have seen most recently.

No joke, no Pollyanna here, this is a real clear and present danger.

If this is not set aright real quick the task becomes that much harder with further undermining.

It’s tough enough now but can get much worse.

As the 2018 election demonstrated, and the 2020 election foretells and forebodes, thus transpires a Constitutional crisis formerly visceral but indecipherable albeit incrementally formidable. 

Trump himself is not conniving enough to engage the country in Civil War but the rank and file lawyers and pundits know how to do it.

They know to manipulate accordingly, hence suggestion may be applied to a mind that is malleable yet a mindset that needs to establish his own opinion as if it were fact and function, tricky business but they’ve found their flunky marionette, a bit incorrigible and intransigent but manageable after a fashion.

Close enough says McConnell and company for their directives, bankers, bureaucrats and businessmen all too ready to promote the effects, side, head-on, behind, above and below relentlessly.

Trump, however, is TV-ratings-inspired to let his own madness hang out whenever he finds he can away with it.

As Rachel Maddow deduced in her imitable investigative way, he is effectively ridding his Cabinet of all Senate-approved personnel leaving only “Acting” temp people whom he can fire at will.

It’s a short hop to Dictatorship last-man-standing with only family members attendant, Senators mostly willing to do his bidding for the interim facing a looming interregnum.

He knows enough to know this.

The cornered animal fights most furiously before being vanquished and devoured.

There is most assuredly something there there in tax returns and Mueller Report else the resistance wouldn’t be so adamant, “sealed and classified” factoids desperately clutched.

The wannabe dictator stands midway on a crucial battlefield.

This is precisely the point at which the US Constitution comes into action via the elected and selected persons representing the hallowed document.

What more advantageous place to infiltrate: the eye of the hurricane.

Constitutionally there is a method of repair.

Pinpointing and nitpicking now wage war against blatant onslaught.

The essence of Democracy comes to the fore though still politically thwarted by Constitutional vagaries such as the Electoral College and violations such as voting suppression.

We’re well-advised to get it right next time.

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