OPINION: A purloined letter

Guest Commentary by Mitch MacKay of East Jordan

RECEIPT PRIOR TO CONTINUING COVER-UP, according to chronology, begs the question, Why?

If Trump’s guy, temporary infiltraitor AG Barr, had the temerity to lie about facts that would ineluctably become known, what is the benefit to him?

Obviously, Barr will be condemned by all but the die-hard devotees who will believe anything regardless the obvious.

An administration founded on lies, however, works that way, instills lying in all supporters, a new sur-reality summed by Rudy Giuliani as “Truth Isn’t” Trump, I mean, “Truth”, though I may be “a bit snitty.”

This is not politics, this is Mafia extortion, authoritarian dictatorship under one leader who, Nineteen-Eighty-Four style, creates his own universe in which all who are susceptible must bow to the changing nuances of kompromat.

Robert Mueller finally came forward with his revelation that Barr grossly misrepresented his two-year study, in his own words, “…context, nature and substance…” mischaracterized which news media euphemized for, what everybody knows are, lies.

Meanwhile, some 16+- criminal charges hover against Trump and Co., at least 10 Obstruction of Justice allegations, and that’s not half of it as the despotic takeover gambit continually backfires.

Trump already knew the hounds were on his trail when Mueller was selected as Special Counsel, saying he was “effed”, though he managed to contrive some distance from that by conman means and some luck in dealing with a civil bunch of Representatives even after election flip.

Conmen/women recognize a mark when they see one way down the street, some sixth sense or radar innate to the devious trade. 

Legalese (lawyer talk) likewise is misleading when they want it to be and William Barr is well enough versed in this legerdemain to carry it through to date, though clearly he’s having a rougher time of it from here on out, Senate and House hearings under oath.

Oath doesn’t seem to mean much to Barr but it does to many officials.

As to investigations, indictments, subpoenas and all else fomenting, banks want to be cooperative because they don’t want the stigma of resistance attached to such monumental history in the making.

History is not that far away at our accelerated speed circa 2019.

Banks deal in futures but we don’t have to wait 45 years as we did for finale of the Nixon debacle.

A couple hundred years ago legislative assemblies got violent so often that a rule had to be enacted to maintain civility while deliberating, no more fisticuffs, handguns, no spitting tobacco on the floor &c.

Those guys were roughshod and belligerent back then.  We’re seeing hints of that now but only in verbiage, some pundits complaining of insulting soliloquys and Lindsey Graham’s schizophrenically-incensed hypocrisy at the tone set by snide members, Barr’s pusillanimity at Mueller being, yes, “a bit snitty”, poor baby.

Of course no one enjoys being called a liar to one’s face, even when it’s true and verified in writing, video &c.  So went the Senate hearing.

And the House of Representatives…  Um.  No show.


These cowardly crooks are certainly true to form.

From a kernel of deceit grows a bramble of tyranny.  Extending favor to one of ill-favor begets disease throughout the system.

Now the House must retrace steps taken 230 years ago that have been allowed to falter.

Subpoenas must be bolstered by arrests and prosecutions, jail time, fines.  Nothing less will suffice because nothing else will be heeded.

The first paragraph of the US CONSTITUTION states that “All legislative Powers…shall be vested in a Congress…Senate and House”, creating a trilogy of balance between Executive, Legislative and Judiciary.  That’s it, the whole power structure.  The Executive and the Judiciary cannot usurp the equal power of the legislature.

Nor can the separate assemblies of Senate and House discard or overshadow each other but must balance power never to be decimated or devalued by Executive or Judiciary.

This coup d’état is being attempted in guerilla warfare concurrently. 

Naturally one wonders at the goals and expectations of selling one’s soul to a temporary Faustian promise of illicit gain through lies and swindles.

This is increasingly unhidden because totalitarians think in absolutes.

Decorous legal precedent, though, demands exposure of discourse which is divisive or dissimulative, gas-lighting in current language.

Even checking all past undermining attempts for invariable failure rates, attack tactics continue as if victory’s soon begotten.

It never is, as Russia, China, Korea, Antebellum causes and Nixon deny in perpetuity, subdued subset social orders, ignominious obsequy being the prevaricating result.

Those who persist are doomed to the dust-storm of history rapidly subsuming all the while.   

Researching the Nixon family today there is found no mention of Impeachment-resignation.

We the People nonetheless, armed with First Amendment Press, don’t forget.

Some progress and others regress.

The purloined letter tells why.

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